Featured Project: Quinta De Lemos – JBJC Arquitectura Paisagista

Featured Project: Quinta De Lemos – JBJC Arquitectura Paisagista

This projects comes from an up and coming Landscape Architecture studio in Portugal.  After working together for 7 years, João Bicho and Joana Carneiro branched out on their own in 2011 to create their studio JBJC arquitectura paisagista.  The scope of their activities ranges from small private gardens, agricultural and pastoral landscapes, public spaces, restoration of degraded and sensitive areas, hotels and tourist developments.  Their work is based on the exploration of design through technical aspects leading to an enriching experience of the utilization space.  Read on!

Project Narrative:

The proposed intervention seeks to make the most of the existing landscape in the region, while at the same time surrounding the building with the quality it deserves.

The building which covers the land will also be surrounded by vegetation aimed at emphasising the rural nature of the site, using potential and indigenous vegetation.

The location is quite difficult, considering the almost total non-existence of soil and the presence of large granite blocks.  With solar exposure to the South and West, the planting areas are especially unwelcoming for the installation of vegetable species, even pioneer ones.

Thus, the vegetation tries to emphasize the seasons, providing interesting moments throughout the year.

The automotive passageways allow linkage with important points such as the main entrance to the building, the laundry facilities and the heliport. Since this is a material that is subject to wear and tear, we propose a cement flooring with characteristics similar to gravel on the pedestrian walkways. 

The changes to the terrain are not meant to be significant. The original topography of the land is preserved, with occasional interventions to establish pathways or modify the steepest embankments.

Project: Quinta De Lemos

Landscape Architect: João Bicho e Joana Carneiro, Arquitectura Paisagista, Lda.

Location: Silgueiros, Viseu, Portugal

Area: 33 300 m2

Type: Project design, Construction phase 1 and 2

Phase: Under construction

Project coordinators: João Luís Bicho & Joana Carneiro

Project Collaborators: Ana Miguel Sousa

Architecture / Coordination: CA – J. M. Carvalho Araújo, Arquitectura e Design S.A.

Photographs: JBJC Arquitectura Paisagista

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