18 hours in London

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    Eric Hadden

    Okay, I have an unavoidable layover in London, so I thought I’d check with you guys to see if I could get a list of significant pieces of landscape architecture/building architecture in London.


    The two musts on my list are:

    Westminster Abbey

    Hyde Park

    St. James Square


    What do you think?

    Terry Naranjo

    Battersea Park

    Thames riverfront outside the Tate Modern Gallery

    Millennium Bridge (toward St. Pauls Cathedral from Tate)

    City Hall area near London Bridge

    Kings Cross and St. Pancras Stations

    Regents Park

    Oxford Street


    Mind the Gap!



    Jason T. Radice

    St. Paul’s Cathedral (if you’re going to see Westminster Abbey)

    Tower of London

    London Eye (so you can see LOTS of architecture from ONE spot!)


    And if the weather sucks…The British Museum. That will burn lots of time and you get to see things you will not see anywhere else.

    Eric Hadden

    Good recommendations. Any good, modern urban design?

    Daniel Radai

    The Docklands Area I would say! If you don’t have much time, just taking the DLR towards Greenwich could get you a cool experience!

    Terry Naranjo

    Go check out the updates being made for the Olympic sites.  Not sure what you’ll have access to.

    The interior roof of the British Museum main atrium is nothing short of spectacular.  

    City Hall area is near Tower of London, not London Bridge (my error)  Quite modern. 

    Tate Modern area and Millennium Bridge at night, you will not find a more dynamic modern experience IMO…simply one of the greatest urban experiences in the world…hands down.  



    Thames Barrier Park is well worth a look. Design museum is interesting if weather is bad, and there’s some good landscaping along the Thames near there.

    Cara McConnell

    Puhlease! Not enough time. By the time you leave the airport and get to your destination, you have 5 minutes before you need to be on your way back to the airport. Public transportation is way too slow. When you start the security checks, you will have no luggage since it’s a connection flight, which means security pulls you aside thinking you’re a terrorist. Many hours of brutal interrogation in a dungeon basement follows and by the time they let you go, your missed flight already landed at your destination. Someone steals your lone bags circling the luggage carousal by itself, then sells everything on Ebay.

    Don’t be cheap. Visit London the real way.

    Eric Hadden

    Thanks for all the great ideas. Just thought I’d respond back and let you all know how the 18 hours went. We did a lot in a short amount of time, and the weather couldn’t have been much nicer. Here’s the itinerary for the day:


    Underground to Westminster Station

    Walk by Big Ben and Parliament

    Walk along the Thames and over to Trafalgar Square

    Walk over to/through St. James Park

    Walk by Buckingham Palace

    Cross over into Hyde Park

    Take a nap on the lawn with hundreds of other Londoners

    Stumble upon the beautiful Princes Diana memorial (beautiful water feature that I’ve always seen in pictures)

    Wind up in Notting Hill’s Prince Albert Bar for a leisurely drink/dinner

    Underground back to Heathrow


    All in all good trip! Those Brits sure do love their gardening and know how to use perennials well. Didn’t get to see much modern urban design on this trip, but that was okay. Thanks again for the thoughts everyone provided.



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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