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    Trace One

    “satire” in writings about landscape design..and construction. now that is a novel idea..Lots of in – jokes..the satiric set of specs, the satiric design, the satiric cost estimate..hee hee..too about satiric irrigation plans..

    I see our field as needing sociological landscape design analysis. I see the model as the architecural critic wytold rubiscinski….whatever..cant spell his last well as critic from the New Yorker, Paul Goldberger….there can be a lot of humor in the analysis…to help with understanding..satire? hm..could do that..a bit odd..

    Alec Johnson, PLA

    That was not the plan Richard. However, it is a compelling idea. I think it could be a regular column.
    Feel free to send me satirical LA scenarios everybody. We will see if it works.

    Trace One

    I was completely being sarcastic and ironic in elaborating on the idea of ‘satirical ‘ landscape writings,. It was a response to to Richard Longman’s post that “sarcasm is easy – what about satire..” Interesting direction the postings went, after that…Landscape ‘satire’ does not sound very interesting to me, actually..

    Alec Johnson, PLA

    Thanks to everyone who has responded.
    I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of interest in the project. Over 30 emails, and not all Land8Lounge members.
    I have also, admittedly, been overwhelmed. I am still receiving inquiries, (as recently as 30 minutes ago as a matter of fact), and am hesitant to pull the plug on submissions today. I don’t think 2 1/2 days ended up being enough time to gather information and make an informed decision.

    I do appreciate all of you who promptly replied!

    I have a feeling that there are a significant amount of folks who do not regularly check-in at the lounge and I would like to take a few more days to allow for their response. This will also give me a bit more time to cull through the writing samples and bio’s of those who have already expressed interest.

    Therefore, the new deadline will be Friday, January 15th.

    This only affirms my belief that an outlet of this type will be a valuable addition to the world-wide discussion on landscape architecture.

    Thanks much.

    Chad Shaw

    well, alec, based upon the responses to the above question, there is sure to be some whole-hearted discussion (or bitter debate) over the mag’s content…it sounds good to me. tell me more about it over some beers?

    Alec Johnson, PLA

    I am not sure if it was the economy (lots of unemployed/under-employed LA’s), or just the desire for a new, different, alternative, and relevant landscape architecture publication, that drove the great response, but I am quite pleased.

    I know I said “2” regular contributors, but I couldn’t say no to the following folks…

    Noah Billig – Regular Contributor [] Big Wide World Issues
    Jason Radice – Regular Contributor
    Rachel Wynn Hill – Regular Contributor
    Jonathan J. Bob – Regular Contributor [] Design/Build/Landscraper Reports
    Tanya Olson – Regular Contributor
    Rayka Robrecht – Regular Contributor [] Practitioner Spotlight Column (Q and A)
    Jonathan Smith – Back-up Editor [] Possible LA Fiction Writer

    I have conferred these titles upon these people without their express knowledge or permission…so…this list assumes their complicity. I will be emailing each of you in the next couple of days to talk further about roles and next steps.

    The remainder of the cross-disciplinary team will be revealed in the first issue.

    All of those who emailed me with interest, please consider yourselves Guest Contributors. I have your contact information and may be asking for your input as the magazine evolves.

    To anybody within the sound of my tap-tapping fingers, please email any story or column ideas to
    I assure you I will consider all good ideas, and quite possibly claim them as my own.

    Thanks LA’s!

    Alec Johnson
    Contour Magazine

    Leigh Bloom

    Well, I see you are getting a lot of help with editing but not much with writing. Discussions groups are like wheat fields. You need a thrasher to get the grain from the shaft. I would like to hear more about what you are looking for in the way of articles. You know what slant, length, content, format etc. I might be interested and I think I can write good!

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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