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    Jason T. Radice

    Scroll down to the comments until you find a long one by for some clarification.

    I need to look into this as well because I will shortly be applying for reciprocity in VA. Oh, and congrats on getting the license!


    Craig……….I’m with YOU on this issue.

    I mean…..well, someone might think “PLA”….means “Potential Landscape Architect”….LOL!

    Why doesn’t ASLA do something “productive”… resolving the LARE exam issues?!!!

    Xpat Larki

    Just be sure not to use PLA whenever you are in China as it stands for People’s Liberation Army 🙂

    Next thing you’ll know is that they’ll be asking for your rank and division:)

    Congrats anyway:)

    Tosh K

    Pretty sure licensure is a state jurisdiction and not federal, so don’t hold your breath on Congress intervening (even if they were a more organized bunch).  It’s up to professionals to get their own act together – and it seems from the comments here and on ASLA’s website that there are enough people who have little or no interest in a common nominal.  As Alan mentions above, if another set of initials is recognized by practitioners (and particularly clients) it’ll be hard to change.  

    Tosh K

    Congrats, and welcome to the club.  I normally don’t use initials after my name – my email has my title ‘landscape architect’, but I’ve left it off my business card.  I figure anyone who needs to know if I have the necessary paperwork will ask, and most should know by job title anyway.

    It gets a little hard to decide what post-nominals should sit behind the name (PLA, EIT, CDT, LEED, CLARB, ASLA, A.M. ASCE, Assoc. AIA…) and at some point it looks like fluff.

    Fun problem to have I suppose, especially when you just got the stamp/seal.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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