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    How is the COVID-19 impacting your Landscape Architecture Careers???

    One thing that I have been sort of preaching over the last couple of years here on LAND 8 is…that it’s important that you do RESEARCH on where you seek a job in Landscape Architecture. Whether you just Graduating for an LA program @ a University OR if you are a Senior/Principal level Landscape Architect.

    So many things, IMO, to consider about the City/State where you search for an LA job.

    I have always believed that…at least for young LA’s. seeking a job in locations like New York City/State; anywhere in California and other high cost of living, high State Income Tax States is just going to make it more difficult “financially” to get your career’s off the ground.

    NOW, let’s add a new ISSUE. Personally, I have never wanted to live or even visit New York City. Look at what’s going on in NYC now. 20,000 deaths due to this COVID-19 Virus. Obviously, NYC officials were not prepared. But, living in a HEAVILY populated City, like NYC, where mass transit is very important, sidewalks always packed with people… way to get “social distancing”. Is it really worth taking a chance with your health or your life to live in NYC? I guess I you grew up and have always lived in NYC, I understand that….people tend to like staying in their “home town”. However, now, I think I would think twice about remaining in NYC….with my design career and life…..and move. Just my opinion.

    This COVID-19 hasn’t had much impact on me or my LA career….as I’m semi-retired, but, still remain designing “remotely”….working and designing for Clients ONLY via the Internet, not in person.

    OK…Be SAFE everyone and I sincerely HOPE everyone’s LA career will be fine and survive all of this. America will survive…just need to re-open all of the businesses as soon as we safely can.

    J. Robert (Bob) Wainner

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