Domestic golf course designers find opportunities, challenges in China

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    G. Ryan Smith
    michael damico

    yessir! I currently work for one of those firms that is being paid by the Chinese. I’m now trying to get out and hopefully find employment with a focus on local issues.

    Only 5 new golf courses constructed in the US last year. Not a bad thing, but there is not much redesigning going on either. Domestic jobs are few and far between.


    Golf course???!! Probably one of the WORST things you can do to the environment is designing a golf course that only a bunch of filthy rich folks can play! 

    michael damico

    actually, that is the main reason why I want out…there is NO Chinese middle class. They do not know of public golf. I grew up playing municipal courses and it has been my dream to redesign muni’s. Unfortunately, I see no possibility of that in the next 15 years.


    Going through school I wanted this to be a focus, at least this was a focus i was most interested in. I did a semester abroad doing a case study of a course in the Netherlands. Unfortunately as I came to find out I should have started at age 10 running a mower in order to be up to speed with where i should have been.

    I will leave the designing to the good ones, I will just show up and try to shoot another low 80’s round

    Walter Norris Bone

    Golf is not and has not been for the filthy rich for many decades.  There are far more municipal courses for the general public at very low prices that are affordable for everyone. They are open space amenities not only handling recreational needs, but also managing stormwater for developments, providing wildlife habitat corridors and helping to increase property values for the local owners just to name a few.

    I have been in Hong Kong, Macau and China now for 4.5 years, the Chinese gov’t has put a halt to any new golf course construction to allow the market to catch up.  Only projects that were on the boards prior to the halt can continue with construction. 

    They may lift this ban in a few months to a years time, let’s see what happens.  I found it interesting working on these larger development projects to see the needs and desires of the local developers and the different recreational needs of the potential buyers. The experience has been incredible.

    Just my two cents worth.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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