Driven to Despair

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    I worked from home for approximately 4 months 3-5 days/ week during my fall semester at CSU. I worked via a company laptop working over their remote server. The local office was 65 miles away and I didn’t own a car (still dont, actually). I completed a number of fairly large drawings for them on tight deadlines, admittedly, sometimes staying up over night on my couch and skipping class.

    I enjoyed it, though I didn’t like the fact that I could get up, go to work ten feet away and never see the light of day, though this could be itigated with a littl ebetter time management.

    I’ve wondered since then why companies don’t use this as an option more often. It seems like it could potentially save ALOT of resources besides just fuel for the commute.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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