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    Is anyone else concerned that the most recognized firm in Landscape Architecture and recent recipient of the 2009 The Landscape Architecture Firm Award has changed their name to AECOM Design + Planning and neglected to include “Landscape Architecture” in their new roll-out? http://www.edaw.com/

    I know there have been previous discussions regarding the name of this profession, just wondering if this is the nail in the coffin… or if I am overreacted. Thanks in advance for any comments/insight! I would love to hear any input from EDAW folks as well!



    I started a topic about this a month or so ago when EDAW first advertised the change on their website.

    I predict this will be an incredibly difficult topic to get members here to discuss, but an important issue with myriad connotations to the profession and practice.

    For what it’s worth, I share your concerns.

    I think it would be interesting to be in attendance at the ASLA Chicago conference when Joe Brown speaks. Hopefully there will be some informed and cogent question and answer.

    Richard Longman

    I worked for AECOM and on some level think that the name change is good. AECOM sells it’s range of services to a lot of international clients who don’t know the name EDAW, as hard as that is to believe. Though some of the companies AECOM has acquired have retained their names, most do not.

    I’m sorry to say but I think with the change of name there will be the inevitable change in office cultural and consequentially the firm. AECOM while I was with them was very good to me but it’s a very big corporation and as such runs very differently than most offices. Maybe the name change is appropriate for the change to come.

    Steve Pickett

    It is a concern, but it is actually a little short sighted on their part and may actually hurt them. EDAW, as you said, is widely recognized. It will be tougher sell (I think) to refer to AECOM: Design and Planning) – is it very clinical and corporate.


    Personally……..I feel EDAW should have never “changed” their name.  EDAW is (I believe) recognized as the #1 Landscape Architecture firm in the World…..EDAW is a “brand”.  It was working……sometimes…..change just isn’t the way to go.  Think about it. Do you think “IBM”, “Microsoft”, “AT&T”, “Apple” or even “ASLA” would ever “change” their names???

    Bob – Plano, Texas

    Zach Watson

    I believe it is a non issue.  While it is sad to see EDAW transform into a division of AECOM, I don’t think EDAW was any more recognizable outside of the built environment industry then any other Landscape Architecture firm.  Additionally there are many top firms that are beginning to either remove or simply not place the title of Landscape Architecture in the name of their firm, i.e. SWA Group, West 8, Olin, and many others.

    The success of the profession is not about the name that is over the door but about the services that come out of the office.

    Roland Beinert

    You’re right. The American Seminar Leaders Association (ASLA) has no reason to change their name.

    Jason T. Radice


    Andrew Garulay, RLA

    It is not like Coke and Pepsi that have to market to each individual consumer. The people developing on a scale which requires the likes of an EDAW know who is who in the design business whether or not they change their names every year.


    The “one stop shopping” is the issue that we need to observe, understand, and possibly react to. Efficiency in the design process could be the marketing advantage in a down economy when it comes to big projects. There is a lot of redundancy going from enineers, back to LAs, …..Just think of the time saved on assembling a team before you even get started.


    It is different at a smaller scale. It becomes harder to maintain specialists full time as the needs for such is on again off again. I suspect some smaller multi-dis offices are narrowing down to single disciplines, but I don’t know that.

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