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    Winston Mitchell

    Hi All,

    I was wondering if anyone knows what the market in Dallas will support as an entry level salary. While I know that I will tai pretty much whatever I am given, I have to give salary expectations as part of my paper work, and I don’t want to lowball myself into a salary lower than what i might reasonably expect to get. At the same time, I don’t want to ask for so much that I am turned away from jobs. Any advice would be much appreciated.

    note: I have a bachelors of Landscape Architecture and am finishing up my masters of Urban Planning, but have as of yet had 2 summer internships and no full time landscape architecture jobs outside of those internships.

    Thanks all


    Stefano Ascari

    I know someone started at close to 50k. Dallas is booming atm


    Hello Winston;

    Not having “experience” really puts you in the same boat with a ton of LA grads right now.  LA grads (from what I’ve been reading) have been having very difficult time finding “entry level” positions….at least for the past 3 or 4 yrs.

    I took a peek at ASLA.org’s job link.  One LA position (2-4 yrs. of experience) is offering a salary of $50k to $54k. Another firm searching for an LA with 7-10 yrs. of exp. is offering a salary of approx. $60k. When you are thinking in terms of salary, also, be mindful of the location (city/state) where a particular job is located. IMO, the cost of living in Dallas (depending on the area) is reasonable.  No State Income Taxes. However, if you’re job hunting in NY or California…you have to be very aware of the high cost of living & tax situation…as those will seriously impact your income.

    When I started out in 1977, LA salaries were ridiculously low & the job market back then was MUCH better than it is now.  Though, things do seem to finally be picking up.  Getting an LA position, almost ANY position that will get you “experience” will help you get your LA career started.  Remember, you have a ton of competition out there.  I’m thinking entry level positions in Texas would run between $37,500.00 and $41k annual salary + benefits…but, that’s just an educated guess on my part. Keep in mind too, when you’re going to travel for an entry level job interview, YOU will be responsible for all travel expenses, both ways.  If you can possibly schedule 2 or 3 or more job interviews (say in Dallas, if that’s where you wish to be), that would make more economical sense for you.

    I spent 90% of my 30+ LA career in the Dallas area.  If I can help you, I do have a few contacts here in the area.  To help you, it would be helpful if I could see both your Resume’ & samples of your LA portfolio.  Just message me, if you would like some help.

    Another thing you should know. Since getting job interviews these days is not the easiest thing in the World…when you get one (or more), it’s very important that you give a GREAT job interview.  You really must be prepared.  If I may suggest, there’s a great book (inexpensive…about $10 bucks), you can either buy it at Amazon.com or even download it for about that price on-line.  It’s called HIREME.  Written by Patricia Drain.  It takes about 30 minutes to read it…Extremely helpful in understand HOW to give a great job interview. In the back of this book are about 40+ sample questions that you might expect at any of your job interviews.  Having a well written/organized Resume’ and an outstanding Portfolio are very important, but, so is giving a great job interview.

    Let me know if I can be of help to you.

    Best Regards,

    J. Robert (Bob) Wainner – Plano, Texas

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