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    Let’s talk “Global Warming” and “Climate Change” a bit. I recently read an extensive article written by Dr. Patrick Moore, PhD (Environmentalist and one of the 2 original founders of Greenpeace). He left that organization as he no longer agreed with their philosophies. Dr. Moore earned his PhD in Environmental Sciences in 1971.

    I highly recommend everyone GOOGLE “Dr. Patrick Moore, PhD” and read what he has to say about the whole Global Warming theory and how CO2 has been a good thing for our Planet.

    Yes, CO2 does cause our Planet to be warmer…but, actually, only approx. 1 or 2 degrees warmer in the past 100 years. A warmer planet is better than a cooler planet. The warmer weather is better for people, animals and plant life, while, cooler whether tends to work against us.

    Oh, I agree, that too much CO2, when not controlled…causes unwanted Air Pollution. The U.S. has made a lot of progress in controlling CO2, even under Trump’s Administration. But, IMO, we should approach it all in a reasonable way…omitting ALL forms of CO2 emissions will destroy our way of life. And, with Nations like China and India (who are the worst CO2 emission (air polluters) on the Planet are doing very little to solve their problem. Are we Americans going to be the ones to STOP China and India and hundreds of other Nations from excess CO2 emissions….answer: No.

    Alexandria Cortez (AOC)…IMO has gone way too far with her “New Green Deal” proposal. It’s not only not financially feasible…it’s a ridiculous concept. Because, as I mentioned, there’s NO WAY we can force other Nations of the World to follow our lead. Really, do away with gasoline powered cars; eliminate all passenger jets…and have people travel by electric powered cars & trains??? Nice theory, but, IMO, that’s just not realistic. I will say, my own Son owns a Tesla car…but, have you priced one of those cars? They’re very expensive and still too many problems. And, actually manufacturing the batteries for those electric cars causes a lot of pollution too; then, you have to find a place to dispose of all those batteries. Can anyone force CHINA and INDIA and the rest of the World’s people to give up their gasoline driven cars, buses and passenger jets…No. Remember, AOC is from Queens New York…seriously doubt that she’s every owned/driven an automobile in her life…where she lived, she used the subways or taxi cabs.

    Dr. Moore discusses how so many Environmental Scientists buy into the “Global Warming – Climate Change Theory” as a cause by
    by mankind (CO2). But, many of those scientists can not get research funding unless their research “confirms” that mankind & CO2 is the primary cause for Global Warming and/or Climate Change. He mentions a comparison…that NASA has proven there is no LIFE on the Planet Mars…but, they continue to state there still “might” be life on Mars, so they can continue to get “financial” support for their Mars’ projects.

    After reading a couple of articles written by Dr. Patrick Moore, PhD and watching a video YouTube interview of him, I believe the man knows what he’s talking about.

    J. Robert (Bob) Wainner

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