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    I work in California. I am taking the last section of the LARE in December. I am looking to get licensed in another state before I take the CSE (I am going to take some time off before I start studying again for the CSE). What is a good secondary state to be licensed in that doesn’t have an additional test or experience requirements? I don’t want to reverify experience or get letters of recommendation – just pay an application fee and get licensed. I know Mississippi is this way. Any other states? Seeing what my options are.

    Leslie B Wagle

    I think quite a few don’t have additional tests but the ones I am familiar with ALL want some record of experience and references (even if not a letter itself). Just like applying to jobs, it’s something you may have to just put up with, so get it streamlined to be as little burden as possible.


    I’m a bit bias here…..but, I think TEXAS would be a good State to have an LA license. No Test required.
    I believe a minimum of (2) years of experience… get reciprocity from another State. Several LARGE cities and a lot of work – strong economy.

    FLORIDA is another good state for an LA license. BUT, they have a “State of Florida LA License” that’s supposed to be pretty challenging. I think maybe, Florida is “trying” to keep the competition out of Florida. Many Americans are moving down to Florida…so, lots of current and future design work.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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