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    I would love to hear some stories. Was it due to a change in passion?

    The economy? Or folks in the road? 


    I will be leaving the professional fairly soon, this coming fall when I pursue a masters

    in economics. Yeah, a complete 180. But I have always been interested in economics.

    And maybe with my design skills, I will be able to create infographics and interactive data interpretations. So lets hear it. Here here to the lost generation of landscape architects!


    I hate to tell you this; I don’t think you’re going to find anyone hangin’ out here in the lounge that has really left landscape architecture.


    I sense that you might be looking for conformation that it’s o.k. for you to pack it up, quit, and pursue your latest passion. It’s safe to go into the woods Dude, there are no scary monsters. Put on your big boy undies and make your move with boldness. You sound like a lost landscape architecture grad that’s still remains unsure of his next move. You don’t need somebody else’s stamp of approval to do what you think is best for your life.


    I truly hope you find your calling in economics. I hate to say it, but it sounds like a real “yawn-fest” to me. But somebody has to do it. Who knows it could just be another path that leads you into becoming the bad*ss LA you’re still longing to be.


    Here, here…here’s a toast to you finding yourself Ashish!


    Perceptive…but I was at a alumni meet and many of my fellow travelers fall into several categories. Those working in landscape architecture firms (5%), design build (10%), parallel fields (55%), grad school (15%), or completely different fields (15%). I am just saying the industry is struggling. But I heard some success stories.


    You graduated from one of the best programs in the country (at least in my opinion). You’re a smart guy that will do just fine as an LA if you just stay the course. Brother you could write your own success story.


    Once all of the ruins of the mc mansions and car dealerships become safety hazards, and the politicians and fat cats start fearing a revolt, there will be a ton of work for us all in the AEC industries. We’re going to build, upgrade, and repair our way of this anemic economy.


    Besides you took all the abuse it takes to get a degree in landscape architecture for a reason. It’s because you didn’t want to end up being something as unsexy as an economist.


    Whatever you decide to do, I wish you nothing but success. And thanks for being a good sport.

    Jonathan Nelsen

    I was looking to enter the LA market in December when I graduate with my BLA/MLA degree, but its not looking good, and am now looking at Planning positions instead, which is what my undergraduate degree was in…so thanks graduate school for nothing!

    Jason T. Radice

    Thought about it…and then I thought go into what? Spend more money educating myself in something that doesn’t promise any better chance of employment. I could change jobs for a while…but not careers. At this point, there really isn’t anything safe to go into!


    Sometimes I feel like I was forced to exit!  Yet I still keep looking for jobs, hoping to get back into it, even as others have advised me, even IMPLORED me to find something else.  Its hard to leave something I’ve put so much of myself into, so many years of my life!  Recently I had a temp job testing infusion pumps for a hospital.  In talking with the guy leading it, I found that there is substantial demand for biomedical technicians.  It just requires an associates.  I could probably do the requirements in 2-3 semesters, then maybe go back to LA when the market improves.  I could not imagine myself saying this when I was in school, but I’ve recently discovered that economics is a fascinating subject.  Not boring at all!  I’ve read a few books recently.  The math I found a little difficult to get my head around, but the theories and history…it affects so many things!  If people had a greater understanding of economics this recession would not have been the sucker punch it was for so many.  I saw it coming, but it was too late for me to do much about it.

    Douglas M. Rooney

    Au contraire Jason, have you not heard of the certainty of Death and Taxes????

    Mortician and tax accountant must therefore “be safe”.


    Toss waste disposal in the mix too. Isn’t life great!


    “I could probably do the requirements in 2-3 semesters, then maybe go back to LA when the market improves.”


    You sound like a guy that wants to be a landscape architect. That’s’ being practical and following your dreams at the same time. You keep hunting for LA jobs because you want to be an LA. And you’ll be one provided you don’t fall into a comfort zone. If you start making easy money in the med field, it could be hard to leave.


    Actually I’m just scarred for life because I was bombing economics so bad in college I had to drop it early. I start hyperventilating if I see too many charts and graphs.  

    Jon Quackenbush

    I start hyperventilating if I see too many charts and graphs.

    Haha, quote of the day.

    Thomas J. Johnson


    Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s been confirmed that economics is not a real profession. It’s just a bunch of academics rubbing their chins, spewing terminology that means absolutely nothing. They can’t predict anything. All of their studies are retrospectives… “oh, well, this economic event fits perfectly in my blah, blah, blah, model… ” If your model is so great, why can’t you predict anything!?

    Economics is like law, the only way they stay in business is by making things more complicated than it needs to be. They manipulate things to the point that not even they know what’s going on… ultimately, it’s their own self interest that undermines the value of their profession and makes life difficult for the rest of us… economics shouldn’t require more than basic math and a pencil.  

    Thomas J. Johnson

    After saying all that, it would be really cool to apply hydrology models to economics…


    Pat S. Rosend

    I think an MBA in Economics is a great idea. You will find it of value whether you are an LA or not. Many LA’s would benefit from business/economic knowledge.


    I left the field for about 7 years. I eventually came back, because the field I went into, airline corporate and agency sales, went into a tailspin after 9-11 and I couldn’t get a job after the airline I was working for collapsed. I enjoyed the work,but it was pretty unfulfilling.


    I was able to get back in the design fields b/c I had kept my license over the years. It was something my Dad taught me.


    Sometimes you just can’t fit that square peg into the round hole to matter how long and hard you pound on it.


    Life Lessons:

    All career choices have a certain amount of risk involved. This sluggish economy is even starting to seriously affect the medical professions even. Who would have imagined that?


    Always have a plan B.

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