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    Juan Antonio Lopez

    Sometimes I find myself completely out of ideas that are outside of the box.  Personally I find inspiration sometimes from paintings but I’m wondering where inspiration for your designs comes from?

    Ryan Sand

    Sometimes my view of out of the box thinking is a little restricted. Find a good group of minds to share ideas and look at new ways to turn perspectives. In this respect I enjoy galleries music venues and the occasional trip outside. I think no matter what it is, my sketchbook always being on my person is important. Even if its the smallest hiccup of an idea, writing it down, moving on and processing the sketchbook isn’t home to final renderings but initialized ideas.

    Nate Hommel

    I’m curious about where others get their ideas from, but for me I read as much as possible. By reading as much as I can get my hands on, things have a way of popping into my head. My desk is surrounded by reference books, my home library is also pretty well stocked. I try to read theory based books, “picture books”, technical books, etc. You never know when something you read today can help you later on.

    And I don’t leave the house without my Moleskine!

    Trace One

    books, books and more books. preferably with LOTS of pictures..matching image from books in head to site – sit at site and meditate..

    Benjamin Boyd

    And places like Land8 are a great resource. Where my book budget falls short I have a huge library of just image clippings and articles that are tagged with things like “great pedestrian path” or “interesting take on a plaza.” Forms and arrangements from graphic artists and painters are often applicable to my designs. Often Ive been presented with a site and thought that some totally unrelated element I saved on my harddrive a year ago could help me come up with an idea.

    Sean D. Henderson

    I would say that 90% of my inspiration comes to me in those few quiet moments as I drift off to sleep… I suppose my mind finally drops all of the pretense, forgets the program requirements, and just wanders through the basics of what I have to do. Most nights I wind up sitting up in bed with my sketch book worked up into a frenzy trying to get all of those strokes of genius (hah!) down in some legible fashion. I have also found that sitting down and writing (rather than drawing) helps me tremendously. Mostly it’s to rid myself of all the ideas I am always trying to keep in my head so I can just relax and freethink. Finally, when all else has failed, I try to find a public space and just have a seat and people watch… That eyes-on observation reminds me of the who/what/where/when/why/hows of these places we are creating, and helps to focus my own intentions on the people that will ultimately be making the most of the space.

    And when all else fails, Serendipity always pays me a visit when I least expect it, as long as I’m open to the possibilities…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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