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  • Update for me, My company is still at reduced hours (VERY reduced) but today I started an Adjunct Professor gig at Philadelphia University teaching Urban Design Studio! I could not have asked for a better gift! I hear that my company is about to pick back up maybe in September or October, finally some new jobs starting up and some dormant jobs…[Read more]

  • I generally try to keep things like politics and religion at home and I try very hard to not discuss those topics in the work place or in the field. You just never know who you are going to encounter, but there are times where you can let your views stand out. If you have a good relationship with a client/coworker/contractor then it might be…[Read more]

  • I just want to use the response by Terry DeWan as a great example of what an amazing resource Land8 has become. The fact that people take time out of their days to assist others who they likely have never met, is just amazing.

    I agree with several of the comments and will also stress the value of showing Process. Thumbnail sketches, even quick…[Read more]

  • I’m curious about where others get their ideas from, but for me I read as much as possible. By reading as much as I can get my hands on, things have a way of popping into my head. My desk is surrounded by reference books, my home library is also pretty well stocked. I try to read theory based books, “picture books”, technical books, etc. You never…[Read more]

  • Gregory –

    I was intrigued by this statement “We also had to ‘lend’ two employees to a larger firm in town for several months – basically they hired them from us for just their direct costs (salary, insurance, etc.) They were still on our payroll, etc. and we eventually brought them back over. ”

    To me, this sounds like a brilliant idea. It also…[Read more]

  • I really enjoyed your latest post. I agree with the others that it is as much about diversity as it is about eradicating groundcovers from the LA plant pallet. I have found that in recent years many institutional and developer clients are more and more willing to see more perennials and meadows rather than huge expanses of lawn and groundcover.

  • Well it helps to be married to a Dr, so I’m fortunate there. But I would rather be underemployed than UNemployed, that way I keep my healthcare and don’t have to be the new guy in a firm. It seams we are not on a bell curve but a W curve as experts seem to be saying. My firm has not received a new commission in 6+ months and the projects I’m…[Read more]

  • I’m one of the few still standing at my firm. Have been on 32 hours for 48 weeks now and had to do 6 weeks of furlough last November and December. Does not seem to be getting any better, my company just announced that they may reduce us to 24 hours from May to August. This is very hard for me, we have a 6 month old girl who has changed everything…[Read more]

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