Are you working or not ?

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    Claudia Chalfa

    No. I am working as a planner.

    Edward Gates




    Geoffrey Campbell


    neil travis mayes


    Alexandru Gheorghe

    NO! looking for 8 moths …demoralizing.

    Daryn Fair

    NO – out since April 2009, consulting and contracting work while in transition.

    Jim Del Carpio

    yes 2 weeks, no 11 months

    Jim Del Carpio


    I’ve been unemployed in Southern Florida for 11 months and finally have a client. It’s a good start but I’m continually seeking new ways I can upgrade my skill set, and locate new clients. Its a challenge for sure.

    Best of luck


    Jim Del Carpio

    I totally agree with you, I don’t see ASLA really getting down to seek opportunities for L.A. from the AEC sector or any other market place. They ought to be advertising our abitlities in other Trade mags. E-zines, Web site dedicated to BIM/SIM(Site Information Modeling) etc… It’s a joke that so few job posting are in our ASLA web site. That’s my 2cent worth.


    No – since august 2009.

    Someone stated the job search as demoralizing, it certainly feels that way sometimes.

    My opinion and talking with others, I believe it will be another year or so before it feels like everyone is back in the swing of things. I hope its not longer and I hope the profession doesn’t lose quality professionals.

    Jason Turner

    Yes, thankfully. Chatting to other professionals in the built environment field – we are all at the same point where we have pretty much exhausted whatever was on the table when the bubble burst, and we have hung on by our fingernails since then, but that work is more or less all gone. Despite the talk of things improving, I think we will see more and more practices having to let staff go or close entirely, as there is a long lead-time on many of our projects. For some of us, the light at the end of the tunnel may be an on-coming train…

    Jay Smith

    NO. I’ve been out of the profession for almost two years from this recession. I’m considering going back to school to leave the field, or at least to have another source of income. It’s bad here in Florida. But it seems to be that way everywhere. I’m normally optimistic, but this recession has hurt. I have bills to pay and just want some stability.

    Janet L. Bean

    NO! 6 months. I am living in an area with 14% unemployment, western North Carolina. The engineering firm I used to work for just bought three new vehicles, including a second one for the office head, but have cut the land planning division from 5 people to 2 and one of them is on a reduced week. Needless to say, the final two are out trying to find a new job, too.

    Erik S

    Just to add I’m in Florida and have been out of work since December of 2008, and that was working overseas in Australia for a landscape architecture / land planning company out there. I was on a one year work and holiday visa and unfortunately when that ended in April of ’09 I had to return to the country. My old employer in South Florida would love to hire me back but they don’t have the workload at the moment to do so. It seems as if it hasn’t picked up much at all here due to the poor real estate market and lack of new construction going on. I will be forced to seek work in unrelated fields to get by in the meantime.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 188 total)
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