Are you working or not ?

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    Nate Hommel

    I’m one of the few still standing at my firm. Have been on 32 hours for 48 weeks now and had to do 6 weeks of furlough last November and December. Does not seem to be getting any better, my company just announced that they may reduce us to 24 hours from May to August. This is very hard for me, we have a 6 month old girl who has changed everything for me and my wife! I have been able to manage at 32 hours but 24 will not work. If anyone knows of any openings in Philadelphia for 8 years experience send me a message.

    Andrew Garulay, RLA

    That sounds like it would pay less than being laid off. Can you supplement with a part time basic job to get by until you find something or it heats back up? That’s hard for a family just starting up. I’d be worried about being the new guy at a different firm.

    Nate Hommel

    Well it helps to be married to a Dr, so I’m fortunate there. But I would rather be underemployed than UNemployed, that way I keep my healthcare and don’t have to be the new guy in a firm. It seams we are not on a bell curve but a W curve as experts seem to be saying. My firm has not received a new commission in 6+ months and the projects I’m working on are finishing up and have been around for years.

    Hans C Stoll


    Laid-off 6 weeks ago. Watched a 29 person firm wither to 4 guys at half-pay (yes, you read that right…. half pay). Now the remaining get 75% pay because of my being pushed over-board to lighten the lifeboat.

    14+ months at 50% pay teaches you how to survive on next-to-nothing in prep for being unemployed. 8 resume’s out so far…. not a peep yet. Arizona is in trouble.

    Jon Quackenbush

    Arizona ain’t alone in this man… that is for sure. Keep your head up, be ‘happy’ that you made it this long (being employed).


    I’ve noticed that major homebuilders have resumed building here in Las Vegas in the last few months, which is rather amazing considering that there is a huge inventory of unsold homes and forclosures either on the market or kept waiting in the wings by the banks that own them. I don’t know who they think will buy these homes. As has been mentioned elsewhere, these are projects that were designed before the crash hit, probably in 2006 or ’07, so you can’t expect to see any new work coming out of them unless they decide to radically restructure their offerings to include more small homes. Maybe they’ll be eliminating some features from subdivisions which will call for redesigning. So yes, there are signs the economy is improving, but it is not likely to allow the AEC industry to grow much for a while. A former co-worker of mine who had gone to Dubai in ’08 was laid off a few months ago, so even the Middle East is far from safe. It is well-known that companies there laid off by the dozens as well, and the newly unemployed left behind leases and abandoned cars in the airport lot. Due to the U.A.E.’s strict debt laws, they will face arrest if they ever return to the country.

    Leslie P Clutz


    Terry J. Smith

    two years….

    JD. McWhinnie



    No. Just graduated with an MLA a couple of weeks ago.

    Laura B. Miller


    al fathi

    yes, all these time. good or bad. those who are not just may have more alternatives. its not as bad as it seems.

    Mark Talarico, PLA


    Emily Andreae

    yes, as of 3 weeks ago.

    Mitch Howard


Viewing 15 posts - 151 through 165 (of 188 total)
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