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    Tosh K

    It helps to either have a lot of cash and land or have friends that do.  Having capital is a key component of developing.


    I always pack a nickel-plated .45 in a diamond-studded shoulder holster to match my glamorous cape and beret ensemble whenever I meet with civil engineers to avoid being dissed.

    Chunling Wu

    Jason, I hope this is not message to me…In fact, I worked as civil engineer, architectural designer, urban planning. I love art, love sketching, drawing..I also love AutoCAD, parametric design, love engineering grading

    I never see those things separately. Because each field has strength and weakness. And it also depends on personalities and responsibilities. I got working on survey drawings a lot. But the qualities of survey were so different, just because from different survey firms.

    I usually don’t want to be involved in any conversation of arguments about which is best. Seriously, a good designer, in my opinion, can learn a lot from other field. It is cool if I can know more than general architects, engineers and landscape architects, isn’t it?

    Jason T. Radice

    I was retorting J. Robert’s comment about being in an LA firm is the “best” place for an LA to be. In fact, it really isn’t always. I was trying to defend those of us who work outside of that world, in engineering offices, in planning offices, and in architects offices, that we are the people who can really have an impact on the profession by pushing our work and services, and trying to raise the quality of the projects leaving our offices by simply putting our hands to it. Some offices may be receptive to that, some aren’t. And by ‘glamorous’ jobs, I was referring to the top design firms in LA that seems to always get published in LAM witht their fancy projects. But there are lots of other firms not represented there, and lots of people with any number of specialties that work tirelessly to make the every day local projects that really matter much better with our skills.  

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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