Jogging track and bike track

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    The discussion will goes in very simple language in several questions, by what is the point that the landscape designer or architects should considerate .

    1. The urban study for the area that you want to design it for cyclist.?
    2. What is the type of population you have? .
    3. What are the ages of those populations?
    4. What is the economical conditions and social?

    Then we have to make preliminary landscape study for the area

    1. like , are we going to design it on the street or close community .
    2. here we are talking about design very big network or master plan for cyclist for example not less than 100 km length .
    3. in this study we have to check out the linkage of the road or R.O.W ( right of way ) do we have enough space .
    4. do we have enough streetscape .

    so please I did not complete all points , and I would like every one to share his points even with images or plans ….etc .

    Lawrence Greene

    My comments are more on the practical side of this design:

    Is there a need for such a network? Are the people in this community lacking areas for recreational activity?
    Will this bike/running path connect to any commercial/industrial districts or to schools? If so, will business owners and schools provide bicycle parking?
    Will business owners have concerns that the proposed street plantings will shield their store front?
    Will this bike/running path and street plantings affect site distances for people leaving their driveways?
    In this area, is the trash pick-up curb side? If so, will this proposed design affect the trash pick up operations?
    Who is going to maintain the bike-running surface and the plant material?
    How are you going to address storm water runoff for the increase in impervious surface?
    What is the construction budget?

    What is the construction budget?


    ALL of these question has to be answerd by the landscape P. STUDY , AS WE DID SO FAR …..we have design our area , as seperate community , with this design we have change their life , the activities of the people , they started doing some thing new daily, ……the sport…..reduce car using …..linkages between the communities……………thank you lawrence….for your comments………… supporte me….and my design …..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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