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  • Before your plant selection, I would ask which type of Geothermal well is being installed. Is it a closed system or is it an open system.
    Some of the open systems discharge water to the surface.

  • As part of your hydro seeding, I would recommend a bonded fiber matrix- See the Profile Products website-either of their Flexterra products should work

  • To add my two cents:
    In Massachusetts, the rain gardens are designed as a pre-treatment unit to treat storm-water before it is infiltrated or discharged.
    Only during the growing season will the plants aid in the absorption of nitrogen, and phosphorous.

    The layered soil profile within the bottom of the rain garden contributes the treatment of the…[Read more]

  • I don’t have any cool comments to add about school-campus design, just questions:

    Do you know the availability/capacity of the on-off site infrastructure (water, sewer, drainage?
    What are the onsite soils?
    What are the local and state Permits that are required?
    Will the school program include Natural Grass fields, if so will you need to i…[Read more]

  • The few cemetery projects I worked on, the design program was to create the total number of plots as possible. It was very similar to designing a subdivision/ row housing.

    We designed a main roadway system and then laid out “side streets” which acts as the space between the plots. If you were to walk down the “side street” you would have plots on…[Read more]

  • I may be way off in my comments, but- If you are struggling with the overall site design, maybe a step back into the feasibility phase may help. Have you answered the following questions?

    Does the community/ developer want retail and or commercial space and if so how many square feet and how much parking will each use require?
    Does the…[Read more]

  • In regards to mitigation measures for the redevelopment of brownfield sites, the two design options that I am most familiar with, is to install a 40mil impervious linear and or install 3′ of clean fill.
    The basic concept is that you are capping the areas of contaminated soils with a liner or with soil.

    In regards to the impervious liner,…[Read more]

  • My comments are more on the practical side of this design:

    Is there a need for such a network? Are the people in this community lacking areas for recreational activity?
    Will this bike/running path connect to any commercial/industrial districts or to schools? If so, will business owners and schools provide bicycle parking?
    Will business owners…[Read more]

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