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    I think it’s time that land8 got an iPhone app…what do you all think??

    Ryan Budge, RLA

    For Android too! 🙂

    Steve Mercer

    you already have an “app”  its called a web browser… learn to use the one that comes with the iphone!


    Thomas J. Johnson

    Geez Steve, down boy, easy tiger… time for decaf…

    But Steve is right. If you want to interact on Land8 use your browser. If you just want to get updates (new forum comments, images, videos, news, etc.) you can sign up for the RSS feed.

    Don’t laugh, I don’t have a smart phone, so I haven’t played around with the RSS but that might be what you need.

    Steve Mercer

    Did I say anything that was not correct Thomas?


    Answer: no

    It’s an iphone phenomenon actually.  Apple has their users so brain washed that they would rather buy an app rather than use the apps that are built in to the phone.  It kind of reminds me of people who would rather buy bottled water rather than drink it out of the tap.

    Ryan A. Waggoner

    don’t see one yet for land8 on the android market kristin, but I use SkyGrid for daily landscape architecture news…

    Andrew Spiering

    You can view The Lounge on your mobile via –


    As for an actual app, I think it’s a great idea.  Other than web browsing, what features/functionality would you like to see?


    Ryan A. Waggoner

    a mobile app with easy search buttons for forums, gallery, friends, groups, etc?

    Elif Tekeli Bonelli

    I would like to see the posted projects, discussions and any kind of news + the events.

    I used to think that Ipad was a quite a useless gadget but now that we have it, i can say that I read more than usual. Therefore I agree on the fact that it would be great if we can see the land8 on iphone and ipad.

    Maybe it is not exactly time to discuss this but would it be possible to sort the gallery as projects and actually implemented? This question is actually for the site on the internet.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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