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    Kevin J. Gaughan

    I was wondering if anyone out there has thought of going down to Haiti and helping out with the relief effort? Im assuming there is not much for us to do professionally down there yet…but in the upcoming months as the rebuilding begins Im guessing there will be a need for designers to help out. Has anyone had any thoughts about this? Have any firms expressed interest in getting involved? Does anyone know any organizations that one might contact if they were interested in volunteering?

    Andrew Spiering

    Kevin, thanks for bringing this up! I am curious, as well…

    I was looking at pictures last night and was astounded by the devastation.


    I am a graduating Senior in Architectural Technology (B.S.) at Ranken Technical College and am looking to go to Haiti to rebuild. Any firms out there gearing up?


    Thanks for the site. I sent a message!

    Carl H Saccone

    this subject cought my attention and if the right opportunity occured i think this would be a great opportunity to help rebuild

    Andrew Spiering

    I was just forwarded a link to this organization –

    Kevin J. Gaughan

    Thanks Stephanie, I also found these organizations:
    Engineers Without Borders and Habitat for Humanity International
    Neither seem to have anything organized yet, mostly just asking for donations, but I have a feeling in the upcoming weeks they will be putting together some programs in Haiti. I have commitments up until April, but hoping after that to be able to get involved with the rebuild.

    J. Waldron, RLA

    A good starting point to help is the center for international disasters.


    Hi Kevin, I have thought about it for the future. I am a lay member of a Catholic Order with a hospital and staff working in Port au-Prince. I am waiting to go down at some time later. While there I would like to bring up the subject of restoration with my order and perhaps Haitian officials. Let’s get this thing going. This is an opportunity for our profession to shine.

    Adam E. Anderson

    Stephanie has what I think is the best established org to reach out to. Cameron Sinclair, the founder of Arch. for Humanity have been specializing in constructed relief efforts for many years.

    While many of their projects have be architecturally based, he is planning on broadening into landscape for 2010.

    You can contact him/them via twitter at:


    Daniel Kovach

    Now that a few months have passed; what is the report?
    Has anyone actually made a trip to Haiti? If so, what are your impressions?

    George Joseph Jr

    Good Afternoon… Ms. SERUD

    I am a new member, just read your response. I am currently looking for a Architect to assist with work in Haiti, Particularly on a Design Build Project. My team and I are planning to go to Haiti in Sept or Oct 2010. Let me know if you are still interested in working in Haiti..

    Thanks in Advance ……

    Lets make history…

    Elite General Construction Inc.
    George Joseph Jr / Owner
    404-553-1963 :Tel


    Mr. Joseph:

    I would love to assist remotely! I will forward my resume. I just enrolled in a Masters in Sustainability program which begins next week.



    please try to contact awaitingeyesfoundation uk


    I am ready to be come haiti volunteer

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