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    George Joseph Jr

    We are planning to fly to Haiti in Late Sept or Oct 2010…

    Let me know if you will be abl to fly down with us, a group of engineers and architects are going…
    Our goal is to be on the ground and collect enough data in order to start designing and constructing…

    Call me Andre…


    Dear George….

    First I would like to thank you for the invitation to join.
    Secondly I wanted to ask what you’ve received email my application, actually
    I want to join as an employee of the company (you are the owner).
    If you have received and read and then can provide the opportunity to become employees of your company, then I will rejoice and be happy to come…………….
    I think the important thing is to get recommendations and advice from you George so I have a better chance to go international and improve my position.
    I am waiting for good news from you George and thanks again.




    Indonesia 4 Haiti from Bali

    Cliff See

    may i ask where you are studying your Sustainability program? and how long will it take you? thank you cliff

    George Joseph Jr

    Hello, Cliff…

    Im in Atlanta working on this Bridge Project for the GDOT, I keep thinking about designing and building a Concrete bridge just like this one in Haiti…. Going to a place where the people really need these things to survive, build their economy, develop their culture….

    Going where the demand is…..

    Hey , Cliff reach out to me when you get a chance….

    Thanks in Advance….

    Cliff See

    hi George, perhaps i can donate some time towards your Bridge… actually i am remotely volunteering a site plan design in Ethiopia (for a school).

    i cant promise anything just yet… just being a landscape architect, not architect or civil, so i don’t know about bridges, but maybe i can provide some base drawings using autocad or an elevation hand-sketch etc.

    glad to know you aspire to help, you can try your best… if you can build your Bridge it will be an inspiration for others… cliff

    George Joseph Jr

    Peace, Cliff

    Great to know, I will be traveling to Haiti soon to gather logistics ( Data) about the landscape in Haiti. I will in deed need your services remotely….. Keep your eye open , the sky is telling us all something. Its in the air…. The next ten years shall be written in the history books…

    I will have scale deminsions, elevations, details on population and traffic volume information for you soon…

    Lets make history….

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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