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    Meredith Sessions

    Heard any good ones?

    Meredith Sessions

    I brought a psych major friend of mine to a party with a bunch of LA’s. She wandered off to get a beer, and came back with an alarmed look on her face. She whispered, “Who is this Larry guy and why does everyone hate his guts?!”

    Meredith Sessions
    Gil Lopez

    Reposted from first cultural industries:

    Architect, Landscape Architect, City Planner, or what?:
    Choose the answer that best completes the sentence.
    a. are good for hiding a poorly designed part (or whole) of a building.
    b. are an essential part of the environment.
    c. keep the air fresh and clean.
    d. make a decent building material.
    e. are an annoyance.
    f. look good.

    Light is
    a. vital to the spirit.
    b. vital to life.
    c. to be shared.
    d. a type of electromagnetic radiation.
    e. required to do work.
    f. a luxury.

    An ugly building is one that is
    a. poorly proportioned.
    b. lacking in vegetation.
    c. not in harmony with its neighbors.
    d. lacking in maintenance.
    e. in need of a renovation.
    f. out of style.

    An empty lot
    a. ought to have something built on it.
    b. could make a good park.
    c. is a potential crime magnet.
    d. makes an impromptu parking lot.
    e. is easy to work with.
    f. a waste of space.

    A hundred-story building on a small Pacific island would be
    a. impressive.
    b. disasterous to the environment.
    c. out of scale.
    d. hard to have a proper foundation.
    e. a logistical nightmare.
    f. stupid.

    The most important room in a house is
    a. the living room.
    b. the garden.
    c. the kitchen.
    d. the basement.
    e. the bathroom.
    f. the bedroom, or more importantly, the number of bedrooms.

    If your choices were mostly
    a. You’re an architect. While your designs may be visually stunning, chances are that is all they are.
    b. You’re a landscape architect. With designs both ecologically friendly and attractive to the community, landscape architects are well recieved by all people except Architects. Too bad there’s this thing called rain.
    c. You’re a city planner. You actually understand that a site does not exist in a vacuum and ought to fit into its context. Unfortunately, there’s very little you can do about it.
    d. You’re a civil engineer. Your designs are solid and work, as they follow the best way of solving the problem. Fortunately there are architects to mess things up so not everyone’s living in a box.
    e. You’re a contractor. You don’t really care what’s being built, only how it’s built. Or maybe you don’t care much about that either.
    f. You’re a developer. You actually get stuff built that 99% of the population finds agreeable. Too bad the other 1% just happen to be the people in the neighborhood where you’re building.

    Gil Lopez

    More from Odlandscape:

    How many landscape architects does it take to screw in a light bulb?
    -How many?
    -We have a very qualified electrical sub-consultant for that.

    What’s black, white, green & striped all over?
    -A Peter Walker landscape.

    What do landscape architects call a Brazilian wax?
    -A Roberto Burle Marx

    Why did the landscape architect cross the road?
    -To get to the other bulbout.

    Your momma’s so fat she can’t fit in paper space.

    Knock, knock
    -Who’s there?
    -Kobori Enshu
    -Kobori Enshu who?
    -Enshu glad I gave you this borrowed view?

    Meredith Sessions

    Check this out:

    What a great idea!

    Keven Graham

    So Merideth, does this mean you will be doing the opening routine for this years Illinois Holiday Party???

    Gil, I like the questionaire..

    Meredith Sessions
    Elizabeth Renton

    a lot of this sounds strangely familiar….hahaha!

    Andrew Garulay, RLA
    Thomas J. Johnson


    Oh, snap!

    mark foster

    knock knock

    who’s there?

    landscape architect

    landscape architect who?

    That will require 31/2 hours at $ 175/hr plus printing costs.

    Tim Zhang

    Jack Dangermond was named the richest Landscape Architect in America, with a total annual income of $1,800 dollars.

    Andrew Garulay, RLA



    Google “job outlook, landscape architect” and you’ll get a list of them.

    Thomas J. Johnson

    Bha! Ha, ha, ha, ha… That’s hilarious!

    Wait, I don’t get it… must be an inside joke…

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