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    Ray Freeman

    Section E Review

    April 20-22, 2012   8:30 am-6:00 pm

    CSU Denver Extension

    888 East Iliff Avenue

    Denver, CO   80210

    This is an intensive three day workshop covering Section E, Grading and Drainage, of the LARE.


    Subjects Covered

    Overview of the exam and Section E

    Solving watershed planning problems

    Precision requirements of the LARE

    Foundation systems and setting finish floors

    Interpretation of soil maps and reports

    Accessibility requirements

    Roadway grading

    Grading processes and procedures

    Storm drainage and stormwater management principles

    Vision cone problem solving

    Elements of stormwater ponds and dams

    Sizing stormwater basins

    Practical techniques for solving vignettes

    Exam preparation techniques


    Students will complete timed problems covering basic skills required in grading and drainage design. The class takes a programmed approach to Section E, covering necessary skills and developing each subset of this section through the use of a few introductory exercises and building to solving full vignette problems typical of those encountered of the LARE. The instructor will provide tips on how to break problems down and conceptualize a plan of attack for developing solutions. The last two days of the course will be spent on specific task oriented techniques and working and then reviewing timed vignettes typical of those on the exam. A 130 page syllabus and 30 exercises will be provided.


    Instructor: Ray Freeman, of Freeman and Jewell Landscape Architecture. He has taught LARE review sessions since 2000. In December 2011, 30 of 45 of Ray’s students sitting for section E passed. The national pass rate was 36%.


    To obtain a flyer on this class, go to:


    Any questions should be directed to David Gregory,

    Denver Area Director, ASLA Colorado –


    Tuition:      $300 ASLA Colorado member

                     $400 non-member

    Payment by check or credit card

    Please make checks payable to:

    ASLA Colorado


    Registration Deadline is April 15.

    Class size is limited to 25 students

    Melanie Reber, RLA

    The only issue with your deadline of 4-15 is that those who recently took Section D won’t have notice of pass/fail until the week of the 16th. Which, of course, will determine if they move on to C and E.

    Ray Freeman


    I just got off the phone with David Gregory of Colorado ASLA and we discussed this very point. We will be taking registrations for the E class through Wednesday of this week. Please contact David directly regarding late registration.


    domenico feleppa

    Just wanted to thank you again Ray.

    Every time I take your class I end up passing the test, wish it to be true for Section E as well!

    Love your Webinar!

    Thank you,


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