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    Good info, thank you.


    I have been following some of these L.A.R.E. exam test discussions….and I am frustrated for all of you younger LA’s who have to deal with CLARB and their ridiculous L.A.R.E. exam.

    I know a young LA who I helped with the Grading & Drainage section.  That was the last section he needed to pass….so, now, he is a Licensed LA in 2 different states.  But, he explained to me that he spent just over $10,000.00 to pass the L.A.R.E.  I was shocked when he told me.  And, this guy is sharp….he graduated from a 5 yr. LA program and had (2) years of LA experience.  He took and pass the Florida State Exam (after passing the L.A.R.E.) and passed that very difficult Florida exam easily.

    Maybe his costs are on the HIGH end compared with other L.A.R.E. candidates, but, I just don’t think it should be so difficult and expensive.  Especially, when you consider that LA salaries are NOT very high, until you have several years of experience.  For me, I don’t feel I was really making a great income until after about 14+ years, and that was when I was out on my own….with my own LA practice.  LA salaries are, I believe, considerably lower than Engineers & Architects.

    I also have a problem with the many SENIOR LAs out there who are cashing in on L.A.R.E. seminars they provide for young LAs.  CLARB has created a L.A.R.E. exam….that isn’t just difficult due to the “content”, but, is also difficult to pass due to the “testing procedures”…by using computer testing.

    It’s just my own personal opinion, but, I believe CLARB has created a MESS with our profession because of their incompetent L.A.R.E. test.

    Hans Baumann

    PPI is good although expensive (  There are free resources on the LARE google group.  Most of it is covered in Land 8 articles already.  I am studying for Section 2 right now and also liked LAREprep’s online exams (  Quality is right around PPI but they are $15 instead of $50 or whatever PPI was… I personally didn’t like Shake and Bake exams but some people find them useful.

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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