Liabilities involved with stamping plans

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    Geoffrey Campbell

    As a soon to be registered LA (passed all the tests just waiting on the state to process everything), I’m looking for some advice about the personal liabilities I can expect to incur if my firm asks me to start stamping plans.  Considering I’ll be the only RLA in my office, i’m pretty sure this is something that i’ll be asked to do sometime in the near future.  We, as a firm of course have E&O insurance, but would I need to make sure that I’m covered under their plan? Would my firm absorb most of the liability in the case of negligence or any other claim?  And as long as I remain in good graces with the state licensure board is that the only thing that can directly effect me and my professional reputation.  I’m not sure how all this works and want to understand every risk I may be exposing myself to before I agree to anything. Any and all advice would be very appreciated, as this is something thats obviosly new to me. Thanks

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