name-style in AutoCAD?

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    Katherine Jacobs

    I’m applying for a job working with CAD, and one of the requirements is knowledge of name-styles. I have never heard of this, and can’t find any mention of it on the internets. Has anyone heard of such a thing?


    There are cad standards for layer names.  The AIA list is probably the most recognized of all versions out there.  But knowing more than a few layer names requires experience using that standard.

    Where I work, the cad layers are predefined in the template file, but it doesn’t mean everyone puts stuff onto the correct level.  Using layers properly makes it possible for others in the office to work on files they may not have created.

    I have more than a few years of cad experience and I have a standard for side work.  But if I was new to any office, I would ask for the office cad standard (or cheat sheet) and refer to it as I learn their requirements.

    Katherine Jacobs

    Hah, I knew those existed but didn’t know what they were called. Thanks!

    Goustan BODIN

    imo, dont let this prevent you to apply for this job, unless its a draftsman’s position. It’s one of these kind of skills you learn on the spot, by doing it. We all must learn new skills continuously in this profession.

    You can grab the concept in a few hours, and use it ‘fluently’ in a project or two. Try practicing it now at home on your CAD before the interview to get more familiar with it.

    The approach I would take on the interview is to confess not practicing it well yet, though you do know what it refers to, and show your willingness to learn that new skill quickly. Focus on presenting your other skills that you feel will be beneficial for your company at your position (other CAD but not limited to CAD specific skills, according to the position you’re going after).

    Good luck, let us know how it turns out 🙂

    Jeremiah Farmer

    It’s really unfortunate, but a few firms cling to this really inappropriate way to handle plotting.
    Color based plotting works great for the AEC industry, and most firms use that, with CTB files to correlate a layer color to a plot thickness. It’s elegant and it works. Meanwhile, Named Plot Styles were developed for those in the Mechanical, Industrial, and 3D visualization industries. With an STB file, each layer can have a named plot style (like Fine, Bold, whatever you wish) or just a straight lineweight assignment.
    It is clumsy, awkward, and slows the drafter down. But also takes no more to learn than a few minutes. Certainly compared to the countless hours that will be spent always going to the Layers dialog to see what a layer is assigned, as it’s color is now irrelevant.
    But would also agree that it shouldn’t dissuade you from applying! I would be more concerned if they are hiring you to help them count plants.


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