Katherine Jacobs

  • Thanks for your response, Andrew!

    There are 8-10 steps going up to the property. Our crew typically puts a piece of plywood over the stairs to create a ramp, which avoids the back injury issue. It’s still a big pain in the butt and takes more time, which increases costs.

    We need to raise the level 6″-12″ in different places, so typically we…[Read more]

  • I appreciate hearing your feedback, but you are responding to an image rather than a full presentation- of course the design doesn’t make sense without having all the information!

    If you are interested:
    It’s a “food forest”/edible landscape, which makes access by wheelbarrows extremely important to the design– I think that’s why you read the…[Read more]

  • Thanks, both of you! I’ve used aerial images with the opacity reduced before, but I’m having trouble getting an image that is high enough resolution to make a cutting edge along the tree line that isn’t pixelated. When the site edge is straight, along a property line or a building, the quality of the images I got from google earth hasn’t been as…[Read more]

  • I am finishing my MLA this year. While I deeply value everything I have gained from my education, I do wonder if I might have been able to pursue an equally satisfying career in a similar field that has more funding available for graduate students. If your disposition is amenable to linear thinking, I encourage you to explore some of the sciences…[Read more]

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