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    Eric Galvin

    Hello all, we have a new community started on reddit at It has been around for 2 years, but we have been working at revamping it and making it a fun place to have landscape architectural discussions. We get a lot of questions from young students thinking about become landscape architects and we also have heated discussions on peoples work or other peoples theories. Really, its just an easy place to share images or post discussion topics in an anonymous way (if you choose to be anonymous, its up to you).

    This week we are starting a “Gallery week” where everyone is invited to share their work. We thought a gallery week would be a great way to celebrate this subreddits 3rd birthday and encourage more user generated content. The ‘Gallery Week’ will run Oct 12th – Oct 19th and will be open to anyone and everyone.

    We would like to see anything that relates to the field of LA, including: designs or renderings, pictures of landscapes you like (or designed), sketches, details, design theories, favorite plant, ect. This is really a wide open event, designed to get people excited and thinking about the field of Landscape Architecture. We are suggesting users submit photos, as it is easiest to view/digest. But if you prefer to write a long-winded diatribe of why you hate Frederick Law Olmsted, that is perfectly fine too. Just try to submit something/anything.

    We heavily encourage original content, but it is not a requirement.

    Last but not least: remember this is a positive (fun) event, so try to remain respectful of others work and postings. Thanks for reading and we hope to see you over at!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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