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    Andrew Spiering

    Last week, we announced that we added a list of Landscape Architecture Jobs from Around the Web to  We will continue to feature jobs posted by firms on the home page and main jobs page and hope the new addition to our job board will serve as an invaluable resource for the many job seekers out there.

    Take a look and let us know what you think…

     You can navigate to the Jobs from Around the Web page via the link located next to the RSS feed icon on the bottom left of the page.

    Mayra E. Vázquez

    Awesome! A very valuable resource for rookies like me. Thanks you. :))


    This is a great idea. With worldwide economy in shambles, many people are looking for jobs and this not only helps those in need of a job, but also helps the employer make better contacts. rm (PS, I just wish I wasn’t too old to work)

    In truth, I am very old, but I actually work everyday. Landscaping is the best part of living. I am rebuilding and elevating a dam on a lake as seen in the picture and I have another project of pushing back the jungle for a man who wants to reclaim his land from vines, scrub and rattlesnakes.



    While this may seem like a useful service, it is nothing but a harvesting of job postings that appear mostly on Craiglist to begin with.
    You will notice, most, if not all of these, are from the San Francisco Bay Area and just beyond.

    Coincidence ?

    I don’t think so.

    Andrew Spiering

    Easy Tiger! : ) Feedback is always welcome…

    Andrew Spiering

    Hey landplanner,

    Thanks for the comment! You’re right. We harvest some of our jobs from Craigslist along with other sites to bring them all in one place. It just so happens that there are people hiring in the Bay Area, so they are showing up on the list. This is a work in progress and we plan to continue broadening our search.

    We are also trying to contact firms that we know are hiring to post their openings on our job board. So, if you know of companies that are hiring, please direct them our way…


    Craig Anthony

    Funny! I love it.

    Amy Verel

    yikes! someone needs a snack to get the blood sugar up! Even if it *WAS* simply a selective harvest of Craigslist (which it isn’t), that would be still be a useful service since CL is a pain to search through. But jeez dude, have a fig newton or something…

    Thomas J. Johnson

    Thank you for the thread! Much appreciated!

    Jim Del Carpio


    Good start, definitely needed in these times. i also notice one or two postings were for SAP Architects, Not at all related to Landscape Architects or related profession. so, keep up the good work and check the filter to keep out others who are using Architects in their job posting.


    As usual, the notional intent of postings in any of these topics is subject to individual and subjective interpretation. Happens all the time. I offered the observation that these postings are mostly derived from Craigslist as a statement of fact. Sure this is a useful favor to all us here, and should be appreciated. From my humble standpoint, it is.

    My suggestions are and continue to be:

    – Be a little more discerning in what gets posted here. Anyone who takes a look at these job postings will know what I mean. Some have absolutely nothing to do with landscape architecture, and some are borderline at best.
    -Secondly as far as the Land8 Jobs postings, some of those jobs are extremely dated to the point where they do not even exist any longer. Just check the websites of the some of the firms featured there to confirm that (try Belt Collins for example)

    As for the collegial colleague who commented that I should have a tasty little cookie, tell you what, you take the knot out of your undies and I will take a bite of a little snacky cake.

    Craig Anthony

    Oh, Snap!

    Andrew Spiering

    Again, your feedback (and humor) are greatly appreciated! : )

    We’re working on filtering the jobs from around the web to exclude tech/web related listings, as well as, reaching out to firms that are currently hiring. We are finding that a lot of firms are using word-of-mouth to hire within smaller, local circles.

    Keep the feedback coming!

    Thomas J. Johnson


    Dominic Esser

    Hey Andrew,
    That is really great that you are putting up these opportunities. Anything helps right now. I was wondering though why I am not able to click into the job postings. Is this something you’re still working on or is it something with my computer?

    Thanks and keep up the great work.

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