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    Wes Arola, RLA


    Are there any sites that have libraries or a wharehouse for photoshop cutouts the are free that any of you know of?


    I am building a library of entourage and cutouts for embellishing sketchup renderings.



    David Barbarash

    Very few places have free stuff available, and those that do are usually low-res copies of their higher resolution products for sale. 


    As a side note, be careful of stuff that people might give you or that were taken from a school or firm library. They often carry licensing agreements that can get you in trouble if someone who knows what they’re looking for sees them (for example, ImageCels stuff stands out in it’s look from other image packs, at least to me it does). Your best bet is to start cropping things out yourself and slowly but surely build a strong library on your own. Who knows, someday you might be able to sell the next greatest set of entourage images…


    Probably not the answers you were looking for, but theres my experience in a nutshell.

    Ryland Fox


    on the right in downloads

    Amy Ueno
    Participant is an awesome site for enhancing renderings.


    I’ve had good success with CG Textures and the freebies from Vyonyx.


    David, you mentioned ImageCels and I’ve seen their stuff before. Anyone know of other companies that produce a good variety of plants that aren’t necessarily free?

    David Barbarash

    Check out and their Viz-Images line,, and though I hesitate to mention it,

    Taib Noordinne

    hey guys.this site also has some nice cutouts-

    Doug Davies

    I have a full list under entourage.

    Andrew Spiering

    Great topic!  Check out

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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