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    One issue that I feel sure that ZERO University “Professional Practice” courses teach their students is…..if you eventually become a very Senior LA or Partner in an LA Firm…that you BETTER know better than to use “profanity” towards ANY employee in the direction of their duties. This is similar to “sexual harrassment”….but, it is different. And a good way…to get yourself FIRED from a good Landscape Architecture Firm. Remember too, the first 6 months to 1 year after you join a new LA firm…most likely, you are being “watched” on a daily basis. So, whatever you do…be on your BEST behavior and do more than is expected from those LAs who are senior to you…because, many LA firms do a (1) year review to determine IF you’re fitting in with the firm or not…evaluating the value of your “contributions” to the LA Firm. And, you definitely want this to be a “positive review”. And, just an FYI, even though there will be several LAs senior to you…no matter what, nobody in the firm has the RIGHT to use “profanity” when it involves giving you directions or instructions with the duties regarding ANY design work for that Landscape Design Firm…that is “grounds for Employee Harassment” and could very well get that Senior LA or Partner fired from the Firm. If this happens to you, do not hesitate to inform the director of Human Resourses AND the Design Firm’s CEO!

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