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    Brett Lezon

    I graduated last Saturday with a BLA from Ball State University.  I will begin work in Florida shortly.  I have been investigating the steps to licensure.  Should I begin a CLARB Council Record?  Looking at the benefits it seems like it would be helpful to have.  What are your thoughts?  Also, how do I begin documentation of hours worked under a registered landscape architect? 

    Thank you for your insight in advance! 

    Bret Ford

    Congrats on graduation and the job.

    I was in your situation a few years ago and decided that a council record was an unnecessary expense.  Other people are free to disagree, of course, but I think a council record is a waste of money.  However, once you get licensed, it can save you some headache if you’re trying to get reciprocity in other states.  Personally, I would hold off.   

    Theodore Tegen

    I maintain a council record, though my employer pays for it.  If it were up to me I would likely not spend the money.  I believe CLARB will transmit LARE test scores for free even if you don’t maintain a council record.  It is a nice tidy spot to keep test scores, employment history, education, and references all in one place.  If your employer will pay for it, go for it!

    Wyatt Thompson, PLA

    I would get one, but not until you are ready to start taking exams. In my state I received a discount on the exam fees that more than paid for the record. I would verify that you have the same arrangement in the state you want to be licensed in. Until you’re taking exams though, I don’t see a need.

    Brett Lezon

    Thank you for the responses!

    Brian J Wethington

    The benefit is really only for licensed LA’s who would like a comprehensive work history and a need for licensure in multiple states. So, until you’ve had two or three jobs, are licensed, and need reciprocity to multiple states, it probably isn’t necessary.

    Or, if you want to provide CLARB with yearly financial support beyond licensure fees…which is not a bad idea considering they do a great deal to legitimize our profession and are worthy of our support.

    julie lucier

    I would recommend skipping over Clarb completely.  It will only cost you more money than necessary and I don’t see the benefit.    They are a middle-man carrying out admin. tasks for you.    I registered for all exams myself and have become successfully licensed.   I have not applied for reciprocity elsewhere yet, but I know someone who has without the aide of Clarb.   

    Save your $$.

    Congratulations !

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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