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    Laith Wark


    Please recommend any firms specialising in digital perspective illustrations for landscape architecture. We are looking for companies that can produce work similar to the examples posted on my Pinterest Board, “Surrounding Landscape”.

    Thanks for your time to suggest.

    Best regards.

    Laith Wark

    Brian Griffith, RLA

    Paul Kelley of Kelley Design Company does amazing work, and is the nicest person to work with.

    Peter Graves

    firm called Hartness Vision does excellent landscape viz work but may be pricey

    Laith Wark

    Hi Brian. Many thanks for the suggestion. I’ll look them up. Cheers, Laith

    Laith Wark

    Hi Peter

    Many thanks for the suggestion. The work on their website is world class, and yes, it would be interesting to know the cost.


    Bob Cleaver

    Daniel Tal is a great talent for rendering


    Hi Laith, 

    I have two that are fantastic and personal friends of mine.  i highly recommend them…see below

    Bowen Studios – – call and ask for Brent Bowen (owner) tell him i referred you.

    Simutis Illustrations – – call and ask for Jeff Simutis(owner) tell him i referred you.

    Good luck!

    Matt Duncan

    Check out studioJDK, I’ve been a fan of Jeremy’s work for awhile now, ever since seeing this post on non-photorealistic rendering:

    It’s a nice departure from the highly-photorealistic stuff out there.

    Laith Wark

    Hi Matt

    Thanks a lot for the suggestion. The style is interesting. Thanks also for the link to the blog post. I’d like to read this as well.


    Laith Wark

    Hi Bob.

    Thanks a lot for your input.

    Ahh, yes. The great Daniel Tal. Mr Tal does very nice work. I think he is more into training and instruction than producing renderings for other companies. I could be wrong here. Worth checking this.


    Bob Cleaver

    Laith, Daniel is always available for real projects.
    I find his renderings very approachable, not too fussy and the fact they can be quickly revised and you can generate multiple views (with different shadows etc) makes him a cut above the more static renderings.


    Hello Laith

    I am very much doing rendering, modeling and animation work. I have several business that include training and also software development and reselling. But modeling and rendering is my first love : )

    Please let me know if you want to talk and see if I can help you out. I can be reached at or 970-449-2230.

    Thanks (and thank you Bob for the endorsement).

    Daniel Tal

    Laith Wark

    Hi Daniel. Apologies for this late reply. That’s great news you offer this service. Could you post a link to your on-line portfolio? The link in your Land* leads to a page in Japanese? Thanks. 

    Vic Knight

    Steve Wyda with Vision Design Collaborative does great work and is a Landscape Architect himself.  Their website is  


    Hello Laith;

    Are you familiary with:  Spine3d?  You can find their website at:   This digital graphics firm is located in Miami, Florida.  Absolutely FANTASTIC work!


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 27 total)
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