Rendering with SketchUp Webinar

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    Hello All,

    We tried a second time for the webinar tonight. Technical issues thwarted us again. I spoke with Andrew and indicated I would still like to present the session. It will be rescheduled. Third time is the charm!

    It seems the problem was on Go2Webinars end as their Audio server would not connect us.

    Please stay tuned and thank you all for your patience.

    Daniel Tal


    Leslie B Wagle

    Oh, sorry I just sent a message about my troubles on this end. Could reschedule be some other night than a Wednesday? I’ve been lucky 2 choir practices were cancelled but it would probably collide next time. Thanks LW



    Hey Leslie,

    Thanks for replying. Other attendees mentioned they had connection and audio issues  as well. We’ll see what we can do for reschedule date and day of week. I plan on holding this webinar more than once between now and February.

    Thank you.

    Daniel Tal


    Suzan Hampton

    Glad to hear it-I’m very determined to attend!


    Sarah B Andrews

    Thanks for the effort. I too am determined to attend.  



    Im glad I get another shot at seeing it! Did you have a book on the subject as well?



    Hey. I do have a book on this topic coming out on Feb 6 of next year.

    The presentation is based on the books material in fact. Its the first time I am presenting these overviews and settings.


    Jonathan Romero

    Will this be available after the fact to if we cant make the scheduled time for viewing at other times?  Or even to revisit and refresh?




    Yes. Land8 will record the session and then place it on line for people to view. We are planning a total of 5 webinars through the start of next year. They will be on terrain, animations, CAD to SketchUp to CAD, SketchUp Vegetation and Rendering and rendering.

    If anyone wants other topics, please let me know.




    Michael A. Hill

    I’d like to take part in this webinar, when it’s rescheduled.





    The reschedule date for this webinar is August 22nd. It should be updated soon.

    It will be recorded as well.

    Thank you

    Daniel Tal



    Hey Miachael,

    It will be held on August 22nd.

    Thank you – Daniel


    Maryanne Micillo

    Thanks Dan,

    I would like to take part in the seminar.  August 22?

    Looking forward to it!



    Yes it will be on the August 22. Hopefully it will be updated soon.

    See you then.


    Scott Baumberger

    Hi Daniel,

    Unfortunately I was out of town for the re-scheduled webinar. Assuming it went off ok – will a video of the presentation be posted online for those of us who missed it?



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