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    Yes, yes…..I realize what you’re saying here.  But, you do “realize” that Landscape Architects have been successfully designing “by hand” for over 100 years!!!

    Personally, I feel that way too many LA’s rely too heavily on the various computer software programs…….most likely, because they really can’t draw. 

    But, if you feel that Sketchup helps you provide LA services for your clients more efficiently…..and you can still get great quality from that process…..go for it.


    Again, the method I described, for better or worse, is how to do the rendering through Sketchup.  I agree, that hand-rendering is a cheaper, faster alternative that requires practice.  

    As I mentioned on previous threads, I work in physical site design and create subdivisions, master planned communities, and town centers.  Many of my projects are 250-1,000 acres or larger.  I am 32 y/o, but I still draw plenty of plans by hand since it is far faster to do curves, reverse curves, and compound curves than cranking it out quickly in AutoCAD.  I agree that plenty of students and entry-level landscape designers are loosing valuable drawing skills, in my case elevation and plan graphics.  ALL of the cross sections I see today in portfolio after portfolio are glossy Photoshop drawings with faded tree elevations and they are beautiful.  But there are dozens if not hundreds of the same types of graphics, and I don’t see a “wow” factor anymore.  I see very few if ANY portfolio samples that show subdivision designs, and certainly nothing more than 25-30 acres.  All of the land use bubble diagrams have gradient fills, drop shadows, textures.  Is that really needed?   If I give you the job candidate a 100 acre tract, can you grab some pens and markers and hand-sketch a bubble diagram from scratch?  Can you do a street pattern over 300 acres in pencil and then ink the lots by hand?  Scratches head.  

    Paul Stafford

    Autodesk Impression seemed like it could be a great solution for quickly producing such graphics when it first appeared. I’ve tried it a few times over the years but never really got it to work consistently.

    Paul Stafford

    Francis Gopaco

    i think he is referring to drawings like what i posted. relying on sketch up style alone won’t achieve a hand drawn like sketches. my style is to model d verticals and arc’l then manually draw d vegetation. and just trace the buildings and verticals. try to find the pics. i posted

    Robert Haught

    Francis, I put my entire design into sketch up for two reasons; to actually check my design (scale, feel etc), and secondly to help do perspective  sketch views.


    Robert, I do see the value of hand sketches. But, it seems every time I do a sketch by hand, the client wants a different view or the design changes so now the sketch is wrong. With a hand sketch you have to start from scratch, with sketch up it is a 20 min change.


    I just cannot find a style that works for landscape architecture. I can get close if I use the arch style in sketch and then use a filter in Photoshop, but I feel there has to be a better style to use.

    Francis Gopaco

    same here… have you tried fotosketcher? that might help.

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