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    Hi! i’m a student form malaysia and currently in my final year of study. i’m looking for my final topic for design thesis. currently, i have listed three topic which attracts me. there are outdoor environment for healing dementia patients, eco-campus:stimulator for outdoor learning and park for madhop or skyjump sport or jumping park. any other suggestion of topics? 

    Amy Åkerlund

    stormwater management


    Hello Farhana;

    I GOOGLED your question just now…..found a site with over (50) topics to choose from.  Some very good ideas too.

    Personally, I wouldn’t do your thesis on either of the (2) topics you listed.  There are so many other really good (practical and useful) topics to choose from.

    Good Luck!


    Barbara Peterson

    First, don’t ask folks what you should do for your final topic: too many people with too many different interests.

    If you are interested in the topic that you choose, your final project will be better researched and prepared. You have listed some topics that interest you: good start

    1. Research the topics that you already find interesting: what has already been done in these areas? Perhaps this will help guide you and will help you refine or edit your topic(s). For example, perhaps “healing dementia patients” is too narrow…perhaps “design of medical healing gardens for the elderly” is something that would be more doable as a school project.

    2. Talk to your professors regarding the topic(s)? Can they direct you to additional information and design firms or organization that you might be able to speak with to get more information….more information may lead to you asking different questions which may lead to an idea for your final project or it may prompt you to change your idea totally. 

    Start off by doing a little research into what you are interested in. After that, if you find your ideas uninteresting, then ask others for their ideas on a topic.

    Good luck; have fun; be curious; ask “why”.

    Barbara Peterson

    Regarding your interest in healing gardens.  This book is just out: Therapeutic Landscapes: An Evidence-Based Approach to Designing Healing Gardens and Restorative Outdoor Spaces.  It may provide you with more information about healing gardens.  There is a link that lists the chapters and also one that shows the index (will give you an idea of what you may find in the book).,descCd-buy.html  If you are still considering this topic, it may be a place to look.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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