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    Let’s all share what, if anything, your firm is doing or not doing to weather this awful recession. For us we are looking into property management and are actively supervising maintenance work on several ongoing clients. What are you doing??


    The last small office I worked at hired a dedicated business development person. We also took on some smallish residential projects to offset overhead. I’m now trying to do my own consulting work as a design and graphics production resource with the capability of working remotely as a subcontractor, potentially reducing overhead for established firms and making it easier for them to hire temp support without hiring a new employee (and potentially laying them off).

    That’s about all I can contribute from my limited experience. It’s awefully quiet in here lately, maybe that’s a good thing.


    Thanks Nick, Sherman

    Trace One

    I work for state DOT, and we have had to move people to other departments, stormwater or construction, due to cutbacks on projects…sorry, no info on private organizations..and we are all happy to still have our jobs, even with mandatory furloughs!

    Keven Graham

    I have started doing more expert witness and highest best use studies for attorney’s. It might not get built but it keeps the design skills active. If you like to indure stress and pressure it is a fun approach to design.

    Jason Turner

    Whilst it doesn’t pay the rent, we are focusing our efforts on sorting out our systems and sharpening our output quality, preparing for the inevitable uptick, and all those things we never get to do the rest of the time whilst we are so gunnel under. We have enough work to keep us going (just – and for the time being), but we are diversifying our marketing strategy too – so far it hasn’t paid dividends, but we are figuring it can’t hurt – the usual avenues are more like the dusty high street of a ghost town, complete with tumble weed and creaking saloon doors….

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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