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    Sandra M.


    Does enybody know which are the best landscape firms in the US? Is there anything like official list?

    Sandra M.

    Didn’t managed to find some ‘offical’ list. So checked which companies are the most often ASLA awarded (and therefore professionally recognized) and here is the list (alphabetical ordered).
    AECOM Design + Planning
    Andrea Cochran Landscape Architects 
    Burt Hill, Inc.
    Design Workshop, Inc.
    EDSA, Inc.
    Gustafson Guthrie Nichol, Ltd,
    Jones & Jones Architects and Landscape Architects, Ltd
    Landworks Studio Inc.
    MESA Design Group
    Michael Van Valkenbugh Associates, Inc.
    Olin Partnership, Ltd.
    Sasaki Associates, Inc.
    SWA Group (Houston, TX)
    Wallace Roberts & Todd, LLC


    Any comment/addition especially from the side of American Landscape Architects would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!


    Jon Quackenbush

    Find the 10 that are currently hiring.  They are the best.

    Sandra M.

    Good point Jon!

    Suppose should be more specific: exploring for the firms that are the most recognized as per professional achievements

    Christopher Patzke

    Please don’t encourage them…their egos are large enough already.

    Jon Quackenbush

    I would also look the state chapters of the ASLA, such as NY has their own design awards.

    Also keep in mind that firms have to submit their designs for recognition in order to win a design award (at least that is my understanding).  Some may not even take the time to do so… which means great designs and firms will take a bit more research on your end to locate.  During my extended period of unemployment, i believe i pretty much visited the website of every frim in the USA & Canada’s in order to submit my resume to them, so I have a pretty good list of the ones I like from such an exhaustive search.

    Perhaps you may need to do the same.

    Sandra M.

    Thanks Jon! The best should be the most prestigeous and the most wanted. Current economy situation dictates different logic – and as you told the best are that are hirening. Fingers cross that you get the job in some of your favourites.

    Jon Quackenbush

    I have a job, and a very happy with where I am, so I say lets use our fingers and cross them so that the economy improves to the point where we all have work.  But thanks for the regards anyway…


    Thomas J. Johnson

    There are a ton of “boutique” firms that do exceptional work. As Jon pointed out, big does not equal best. 

    With so many good designers I hate to name names but two I admire, off the top of my head, are:


    James Burnett

    From a working perspective, you might find that a smaller firm is more rewarding… big firms often have a factory mentality and it’s easy to get stuck doing one thing. A smaller firm might give you the opportunity to take on a variety of work… 


    Les Ballard

    Hang on, don’t the town planners, local authorities, architects and even folk like retirement village and gated community owners each do more LA than LAs?

    Mark Warriner

    I would like to know the top ten firms in all the countries represented here in Land8Lounge. I would love to work over seas and am interested in this information.

    Alan Ray, RLA

    Love the “Botiques”…

    have worked in the largest and the smallest…..

    smaller requires more skills I believe….so you will develpope more skills

    that will serve you well into the future….


    Best? Depends on how you define it. Its not like an athletic event when the “best” team wins the Superbowl or World Series. I agree with many of the comments, especially the “feeding their ego” by Chris. My “best” is where I am and making a decent living with no layoffs! Having worked at large and small firms, both private and public practice…I can tell you in really depends on the individual and how you envision your future. Both large and small firms have negatives and positives. Depends on your personal values and relationships with co-workers. It doesn’t matter if you work at the most prestigious firm, if you don’t get along with the employees, you won’t be there for too long.

    I wrote to ASLA magazine several years ago complaining of their perceived favor to publish works by only the large firms. There are many small firms who work on great designs and contribute to their communities more than those firms you listed.


    Don’t mention the Office of James Burnett. Whatever you heard is definitely not the same stories that I heard.


    You got that right! Every year, EDSA always seem to be hiring these entry level types by posting on ASLA. I wonder where the hires from 3 or 4 years ago are now? If they laid them off, then why not rehire them? Because entry level equals lower pay!!

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