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    Trace One

    I agree, Maui, have not heard good things about James Burnett, and he is always advertising for help….was surprised to see someone mention him in this stream…..

    I think Edwina Von Gal is a lot of fun, and Guftafson, whtever, with the Millenial park in Chicago, I like their stuff..

    Cara McConnell

    Those so-called Top LA Firms have one thing in common: All have a continuous revolving door. A more interesting question is which firms are best able to retain their employees during the recession, the large, medium or small? How about private vs public offices? And what level of experience tend to be laid-off the most frequent, entry level, 2-6 yrs or 7 yrs and above? Just curious.

    Thomas J. Johnson

    Geez… I didn’t expect that response about Mr. Burnett. When I was looking for work in Southern California, his office gave me the best feeling out of the dozens I visited.

    It was light and bright. The windows were open with a perfect breeze. The employees were working diligently but appeared to be happy and weren’t doing “Chinese Fire Drills”. Mr. Burnett, himself, greeted me and despite being busy, took the time to look at my work and talk to me. He even gave me a very nice book of his work, which I love, and that was no doubt expensive to produce.

    Even though he wasn’t hiring at the time, visiting his office gave me a much needed boost of hope and optimism about the profession when I was feeling quite low. I don’t care to hear any negative, second-hand, comments about his practice. That was my experience and it left a lasting, positive, impression about him and his business.

    Thomas J. Johnson

    Trace – GGN was mentioned in the top 10 list. They do great work. Millennium Park is a brilliant space and I’m in love with The Seattle Civic Center project.


    Thomas, I heard the same type of good comments coming from Bernie Madoof’s clients!. A 10 minute office tour isn’t enough. Its sort of like a lunch date with an attractive female and afterward you think she’s the one! You were feeling down and vulnerable, so JB gave some helpful advice. A better boost is offering you a position. I’ll stop there so I don’t ruin your image of his office as some sort of Disneyland.

    Trace One

    can a landscape love you back?



    thanks for drawings – one thing I like about them is the traditionally rendered prisma plan/section/hand drawn perspective presentations.

    Perhaps it is a computer program that emulates the hand-rendered style,  but it convinces me..

    Jon Quackenbush

    I agree.


    Heather Smith

    haha…that is what I was thinking…define best? mwhhahaha. The one that gives you a job! Booyah!

    Nijia Ji

    Agree.  The best firm should be which is hiring right now.  As a entry-level, I found it’s so hard to find a firm hiring.  I been through my resume to a lot of them, and basically no reply at all, this is too depressed.  

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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