Tree Grate Installation Cost

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    Mick Kittle

    I am designing a park in Colorado and am interested in using tree grates in a paved plaza. The grates will be installed concurrently with the construction of the plaza. Does anyone have an approximate cost for the complete installation of a tree grate? I look forward to your response. Thanks.

    Tyson Carroll

    Alot depends on what you are looking for specifically. 

    – how big of a grate are you using?

    – what type of tree are you specifying?

    – will you be installing staking for the trees that can connect to the grates?

    – what type of installation will you be installing?

    – Is the project public or private?

    – are the grates aboslutely necessary for ADA purposes?

    The challenge you are going to have that if the incorrect factors fall into place the installation of the grate can cause the decline of the tree or even kill it. Or the growth of the tree will affect the grate to the point where it will need to be removed. 

    Mick Kittle


    Thanks for the response. Following are the answers to your questions:

    – The grate will probably be about 5′ x 5′

    – The type of tree is not final but it will be a xeric, hardy ornamental

    – Staking will most likely be installed

    – The installation will be a concrete plaza for pedestrian use

    – The project is private

    – The grates do not have to be ADA

    I look forward to your response.

    Tyson Carroll

    5 x 5 is fairly typical and the size is fine for smaller trees but larger shade growing trees can pose problems. 

    What size of tree are you specifying? The grate that you select should have an opening that can be enlarged to allow for the calipher to grow in size. 

    Grates cost with angle iron 1300-3200. With installation you are looking between 3000 and 4000. 

    But please be aware if installed incorrectly, species selected is incorrect,  or soil preparation done wrong the tree will suffer and potentially will fail. 

    Best of luck. 

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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