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    Gabriel S. Metz

    In my opinion, if you have never been to the Getty, you should most definitely spend a day there.  You can learn equally from bad design as you can from good design and form your own opinions. 

    A few more worth seeing…

    Huntington Library in San Marino (LA area) is a must see for me!

    Gamble House and surrounding neighborhood in Pasadena

    Hearst Castle is a good place to stop on your way up the coast.

    Cara McConnell

    Obviously, some of you didn’t read his question carefully. He asked for suggestions on sites to see and not your own opinions! If you look hard enough, every landscape design has flaws. Getty Center is worth a visit since everybody here seems to have been there. Go Nick and judge for yourself.

    Josiah Lockard

    You are right. Old town totally rocks!

    Barbara Nazarewicz

    It was probably mentioned before:


    California Academy of Sciences and De Young.

    If you come to San Francisco I will be happy to take you to there.



    Leni Schwendinger

    Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000149 EndHTML:0000002326 StartFragment:0000000199 EndFragment:0000002292 StartSelection:0000000199 EndSelection:0000002292 If you are on the San Diego Bay esplanade – check out my large scale light/sculpture on the Broadway Pier Pavilion.  entitled Tidal Radiance. An excerpt from the artist’s statement:

    The Port Pavilion, at the tip of the Broadway Pier in San Diego opened in December 2010.

    Light Projects designed the lighting for the San Diego Bay North Embarcadero as part of the collaborative design team for the waterfront esplanade.  Following that job, the Port of San Diego’s public art division awarded Leni Schwendinger a commission for their minimalist glass-and-metal cruise terminal building

    A 45’ by 16’ wall sculpture was designed with a companion set of ground projections to evoke tides and sea life.  Featured on the building’s exterior, custom cast glass and metal forms are mounted to a unique framework of tension wires.

    To set the stage for Tidal Radiance’s dramatic and luminous transformation during the darkened hours, it is important that its sculptural materials remain neutral by day.  To accomplish this, Light Projects collaborated with the architect on materials selections and other media that influence light and shadow qualities.

    After dark, Tidal Radiance is transformed into a shimmering, organic form with artwork elements seen from near and far. The artwork is visible to pier visitors, boats, pedestrians and motorists along the Embarcadero promenade. Light projections onto the ground plane create an immersive environment —providing both a visual and experiential installation to engage visitors.

    Through the medium of light, chromatic seasonal compositions relevant to the San Diego Bay’s culture and environment materialize.  Luminous greens express the whale watching season, and glowing golds the cruise season. During the moon cycles, the full moon is expressed through pale blue emanations, emanates pale blues, while the new and quarter emanate deep and medium blue hues. 

    Nick Harper

    Thank you. Having see Citizen Cane several times I loved the Hearst castle experience. V touristy but a remarkable engineering feat and opulence. Strangely no Orson Welles!!!!

    Nick Harper

    I will, thank you. Opinions are great, what is landscape if not a subjective experience? Flawed landscape design, whatever next??!!!

    Nick Harper

    I love the look of this but sadly won’t be getting that far north this time. Thanks for offering to be a guide, next tirip to SF definitely.

    Nick Harper

    There are few piers over here that need new direction. I will take an evening stroll. Thank you

    Ryland Fox

    Go to Green and Green’s Gamble house in Pasadena.  Amazing craftmenship plus the visitor centre is Doc’s house from Back to the Future.   The patio is really nice.


    Mary Pat Mattson

    One more thought Nick.

    ASLA is hosting its annual convention in San Diego this year. There are a host of field sessions/tours organized for the SD area, this might give you some additional ideas on what’s hot in the region, at least according to the organizers, usually guided and run by the local associate chapter. Personally the kayaking is to die for! 😉

    Have a great trip!


    Lotusland in Santa Barbara has wonderful examples of designing with plants. Lotusland is guided tours only so book in advance. For more urban works, see The Great Orange County Park by Ken Smith. The Cornfield in Los Angeles is a treat if you’re into the austere look And if you’re in LA in July, there is an exhibit of new park designs of the area.…

Viewing 12 posts - 16 through 27 (of 27 total)
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