We are seeking applicants for an entry-level LA / land planning position (Jobs section of site and firm sign-up do not work)

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    Vanessa Ruiz

    Dear Prospective Candidate,

    We are seeking applicants for an entry-level landscape architecture/land planning position. If you are interested, please send your resume and a copy of your portfolio to info@rdgrp.com. In addition, a concise cover letter  should be submitted that details your professional interests, whether it be community design, streetscape design, etc. Your full submission should not be greater than 15MB.

    Our firm’s focus is with land planning oriented projects that rely upon research, design and graphic skills. In addition, our unique and dynamic niche of eminent domain consultation incorporates various components of landscape architecture, land planning and land development, requiring creativity, problem-solving skills and attention to detail. Through these projects, we work closely with other disciplines, such as engineers, contractors, architects and real estate appraisers.

    Associated with the above, this position will be responsible for a broad range of work throughout each project, inclusive of site planning, landscape design, site inspections and research. Additionally, the position will be responsible for performing some regulatory and site analyses, which may require the use of GIS. Salary will be based upon skills and qualifications of the candidate. We offer competitive benefits, including profit sharing and health insurance. If you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.



    Dear Venessa;

    Hi…..just curious.  I was reviewing your firm’s Porfolio samples….and see there are (48) samples…all are GRAPHICs.  Wondering why a firm established in 1986 (27) yrs. ago does not have any actual photos of completed projects on their website?

    Just a note to those “entry level” LA’s interested in relocating to and designing in The State of Florida…be aware of the fact that The State of Florida has a very difficult “State of Florida Exam”, that you must pass (after you have passed the LARE exam).  The Florida exam has (40) references you must study…there are, I believe (100) multiple choice questions on the exam.  I believe California & Nevada also have “State Exams” but, I don’t think any other states do.  Eventually, after at least (2) yrs. of professional practice, LA grads are eligible to apply for a State LA license.

    But, FLORIDA really is a great state to practice Landscape Architecture.  I was a License LA in Florida for (10) years. 

    Good Luck, Venessa…in your search.  I feel SURE there are many young, talented LA candidates searching who will be contacting you.  If you haven’t place an AD on asla.org’s website, that would also be an excellent place to get job seekers to notice your firm.


    J. Robert (Bob) Wainner

    Vanessa Ruiz

    Mr. Wainner,

    Thank you for the comment. We do have built design work under our belt, and I’m not sure why it is not shown, but my guess is that it’s because a majority of our work deals with eminent domain, which usually entails being hired as an expert to produce regulatory and site analysis of each case, and solutions to the damages caused by eminent domain.  As landscape architects, we provide that thorough analysis and those creative solutions needed in eminent domain cases, but usually we’re not the ones that carry the plans through the permitting and construction process. Our graphics on the website show the product most of our clients are seeking. The site is also outdated, and does not reflect much of our design work, and we have been looking into revamping it in the coming months to show a greater diversity of our work.

    Some of our other work includes subdivision master planning, numerous commercial and residential landscape designs in central Florida, a lot of entryway signs, and stormwater design.

    For those seeking to do mostly planting design, residential landscape design, and design-build-type work, our firm may not be the best fit. However, for those who have a penchant for planning and land arch, our firm provides a nice balance of both.

    Also, just an fyi, LA grads are eligible for licensure after 1 year, not 2, of work under a licensed landscape architect.

    Lara Moffat

    Vanessa: please tell me what specific problems you are having with the site and I’ll investigate. Thanks- Lara lara@land8.com

    Vanessa Ruiz

    Sure thing,

    When I click on “Post A Job,” I get linked to this site: “http://land8.net/signup_firm.php” but nothing pops up on that site. The page just looks blank white.

    About 2 weeks ago I was able to sign up my firm, but then there was no way to continue the process, and then a week after I tried to post the job using the same link “Post A Job,” and began having this problem.

    Anthony Parziale

    Actually New Jersey has a state specific section as well.

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