We Need Some New Blood!

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    Hmm..so is it better to be prepared for an unlikely worst case scenario than to be well-equipped for long-term goals?


    The hiking boots are heavy, but last alot longer and weather better than the sneakers. The sneakers are light and agile, but wear out fast.


    I agree that it serves us well to be agile and quick on our feet in this economy, but I don’t necessarily think the most agile are those that ‘have work.’ I wish I could say it was this way, but my sense is that there are a whole mix of employed from boot wearers to sneaker wearers, and even people wearing sandals and birkenstocks. How they remain gainfully employed I have no frickin clue.


    It’s musical chairs at best.

    Zach Watson

    As a soon to be graduate I don’t know what my fellow students are planning on doing but as for myself, I’m hanging out in the Electrical Engineering field until I can once again find a position in our LA field.

    Rick Spalenka

    Terrific, that makes sense but what also makes sense is why many of their “healing garden” designs, even award winning designs, have absolutely no healing qualities.  They are just very fancy plazas that catch the admiration of judges who don’t have a clue what a healing garden really is.  Idiots judging idiots.

    Kellan Vincent

    I graduated in 09 with internships before that and currently I work in a design/build firm that is quite busy. We have a drought here in Texas which is severely injuring the build side of landscape minus people replacing their turf grasses with aggregate.


    That being said, the reason for a lack of attention to land8 on my part is that it is just another thing to keep track of on a daily basis. Between client relations, general social media (promotion), dealing with media, as well as actual work loads, I sometimes lack the brain power to monitor another channel of conversation regularly.


    And while it is a bit daunting to think of the huge firms and foreign work force, this is where people need to innovate. This is where people need to find a niche that is more protected. It is the nature of ANY business not just the design field. Up your technology, renderings, unique specialities. Don’t just throw your hands up at the fact that the big companies are winning the RFPs.


    Good luck to all.




    The new blood may be occupied by looking for work and wondering where their profession is hiding, and scared that they just spent thousands of dollars on a frigid discipline. Something MUST happen to get even a hint of a recovery to get banks lending and developers and homeowners spending. Pie in the sky may get the conversation rolling. Looking at projects completed in Abu Dubai does nothing for day to day reality…at least not mine and certainly not a recent student. Time is marching, let get REAL.

    Andrew Garulay, RLA

    … but if you think about it, you are wearing sneakers!  …. and working!

    Tosh K

    Bear Market?

    Brian Hochstein

    You are discounting the “lurkers”.  I love reading but don’t have time to post.  I know better.  If I post I will get caught up in long drawn out debates that are fun but time consuming…         


    I just did it, didn’t I?  I posted. Now I am screwed.


    New blood?  I’m still busy squeezing the last drops out of my current employees.



    While I get the story, it is also out of touch with modern times. Maybe I’m being too literal here. The preferred choice during a walk through the forest in bear country is “the greatest hiking boots”. Hiking boots like computers and softwares have evolved the last 20 years. I suspect the metaphor was written some 30 years ago. Choosing the sneakers is like saying you would rather drive a Corvette or sportscar over a Jeep Wrangler or 4×4 truck in off road, unpaved conditions in the wilderness. By the time the two hikers encounter a bear, the sneakers will be worn out from the rugged conditions. The hiking boots also make better tree climbing and running down a hillside of large boulders. Anyway…


    Earthworker / Land8,

    I’m one of those who wear floppies to work on Aloha Friday. The Maui County Fair just started and half the workers called in sick! I’m fortunate to maintain a 40+ hour work weeks. International work for Landscape architects is looking good; however, there are pros and cons for living overseas. Personally I think there is more cons to it than the upside. The landscape architecture students without a backup plan are in most trouble. They need to take off the rosy colored glasses and see the profession in its present and future state. The firms I’ve come in contact with do more with less people or have kept the same number of staff since 2008.

    Andrew Garulay, RLA

    Here is a link that might be useful, Robert:




    Yeah…I hear ya! I’m still pissed off about the football game 2 weeks ago. Why can’t my Chargers beat the Patriots?! Don’t answer. This is what happens when you do planning related work rather than creative, landscape designs. Its been over 3 months since I looked at a landscape plan or opened up Autocad.


    Take the hiking boots in bear country!! Where are all the landscape plans, people? Give me a few to review check for approval. Lots of planning work, but not much landscape construction. LA is dead!


    Roland Beinert

    Long drawn out debates? I think you’re wrong about that. I don’t remember ever having long drawn out debates on land8. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

    David J. Chirico

    It’s not that hard of an interpretation.


    You’re not competing with the bear.  You have to be better than the other guy to survive.  Apple Inc. clearly wears sneakers.


    Hell they make their own sneakers and throw them at the bear to taunt him.

    Terry Naranjo
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