What do you recommend for a bike path treatment in a floodplain?

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    Does anyone have information on bike path treatment within a floodplain? The client is interested in using the permeable interlocking grid systems – has anyone had success with using projects like True Grid? Would porous concrete be a better choice?

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    Tyson Carroll

    What is around the bike path? Planting area, pavement, AC? Who is the project for public or private? Is the path intended to meander or is it a straight shot? What is the average rainfall per year in the area? Is it intended for mikes only or will emergency access or maintenance vehicles need to use it potentially?

    Dave McCorquodale

    While I don’t have direct experience with porous concrete, I believe it has to be cleaned every so often (annually?) to essentially vacuum the sediments out or porosity diminishes over time.  I wonder if occasional flooding would deposit fine sediments that would become trapped and negate the value of having permeable concrete, resulting in higher life cycle costs than a grid system.  Again, no direct knowledge on this; just thinking out loud…


    Tosh K

    there’s a porous rubber (usually recycled tires) product, it’s installed over a gravel base.  If wash out is a risk, it’s probably not great (but can be easily replaced).  As Dave noted, all porous materials will lose their permeability with silt deposits, but they’ll be fine as a surface.


    Do you really need to use pervious materials? in a flood plain? or is it a flood way? 

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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