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    Patrick Reno

    I am just starting to go to school to become a landscape architect with a urban planning minor. I won’t be able to take any landscaping classes for at least one semester. I am looking into magazines or newsletters that you professionals might subscribe to to keep you abreast of issues dealing with this career, showcasing great projects that peers are creating, and just tips and tricks of the trade.


    I am aware of the magazine published by ASLA. I just subscribed to that, but there doesn’t seem to be much else out there. I read Metropolis, but that is really design in general. There are lots of gardening magazines, but I am really looking more for large scale projects to residential mags that deal with design, not just plant selection.


    Thank you everyone for your help.


    Landscape Architecture Magazine-a mixed bag of large projects, firm profiles, and other tidbits
    Topos-an excellent source of more detailed analysis of predominantly international projects, but also has great graphics which will be helpful to reference in your later studio work (Pricey to subscribe to at $40/issue. Check if your library has it)
    Landscape Journal-Mostly theory and research articles (could come in handy for some papers you might have to write).
    ‘Scape- A newer publication that I wish I could get my hands on. Appears to be Topos-lite.

    Jason T. Radice

    Landscape Architect and Specifier News (LASN) – A free national publication that is more product and technical/practice focused, but has articles on a wide varitey of projects. Excellent for sourcing materials. http://www.landscapeonline.com

    Landscape Architect Trades – A free newsprint-like tabloid with short articles, again, product based. http://www.thetrades.com

    Architect – Free architecture publication – Focused on the firms and people, not just the projects. http://www.architectmagazine.com

    Interlocking Concrete Pavement Magazine (yes, there is such a thing) – Published by ICPI, excellent resource for permeable pavement designs and techniques in the world of hardscape. http://www.icpi.org

    Metropolis – Design – not necessarily LA – Seems to have a thing for chairs.

    Of course, Landscape Architect

    Trace One

    I love Inhabitat blog, but mostly I read the design sections of the NYT for my perspective on design – Nicholas Ourosieff..
    We need good LA critics and publications. Also of course, read Land8 – very good contribution, Andrew Spierling! and DotEarth blog on NYT for environmental stuff..

    the Sarah Palin question! What do you READ! Very good question!

    Ben Yahr

    ‘Stormwater’ Journal. Free, or available online.

    Adam Trujillo

    You might want to check out a few of these. Some of the subscriptions are pretty pricey but a lot of them give student discounts. You can also find some of them out on amazon for pretty decent prices. Check them out. They helped me and helped me understand landscape architecture a little bit more while I was going to school.

    Praxis http://www.praxisjournal.net/

    Kerb (the latest one is titled Kerb 17, search for it on amazon)

    JoLA is a great one with lots of great writings http://www.info-jola.de/

    DWELL http://www.dwell.com/ this is great for inspiration of for keeping up with modern architecture and design, not too much landscape architecture projects but a great monthly publication that’s fairly inexpensive.

    Patrick Reno

    You guys are the best! I am very thankful for your responses. There are several publications listed here that I have not been able to find with search engines. The bookstore only takes you so far. I never thought about “other” LA blogs. I thought this was pretty much the motherlode. Thanks again, I think I now have my hands full.

    Tanya Olson

    Since no one else will admit it, I will confess to subscribing to Sunset….not quite the ‘People’ magazine of landscape architecture, but definately eye-candy and its CHEAP. Yeah, yeah, plus the ones Jason mentioned except Metropolis. I like Dwell better.

    Jon Quackenbush

    Read? Aside from Land8 I only browse pop-up landscape books… and there aren’t many of those. My next great hope is that someone comes out with a ‘Choose your own adventure’ book applied to design, so ‘Choose your own Design’. “If you want to choose permeable pavers, turn to page 56, if you want to choose gravel….”

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