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    Michelle Lim

    Hi! I’m currently a sophomore in college and I’m planning on majoring in Landscape Architecture. I was just wondering what kind of minors would be relevant to the field? I’ve been told minoring in environmental science, plant science, etc. would be good, but I just want to know why and what all my options are.

    Thank you!



    Chris Whitted

    Your options are pretty much limitless, depending on how YOU can make them relevant to the field, and what it is you want to do.  I had minors in computer science and Native American studies; I’ve used both in LA, though not necessarily on a regular basis.

    That said, I agree with Toby that business would be a really good one.  Horticulture, fine arts, anthropology, construction management, environmental science, geography, forestry… it’s a long list.  Kind of depends on what is offered by your school though.


    Hello Michelle;

    I agree with Toby………………………….Business. In the beginning of your LA design career, business probably won’t be a big issue for you…..but, eventually it WILL. Either in the LA firm you are working for….OR, if you do like I did after 14 yrs…..go out on your own and establish your LA private practice. 

    There is so much to learn in running ANY type of business.  Taxes, hiring employees – equal opportunity regulations – payroll – profits & loss – liability coverage – overhead expenses – dealing with employee problems – employee benefits – marketing your business, writing design contracts, collections, etc.

    I was fortunate in that I learned a lot in the 13 yrs. I worked for a Dallas LA firm….but, looking back, a minor in BUSINESS would have been very beneficial to my LA career.

    Good Luck!


    Andrew Garulay, RLA

    Business. agree with the others.

    Wyatt Thompson, PLA

    I have a secondary degree (more than a minor, but not a full degree) in environmental science. Program was good and I learned a lot, but business or construction science would probably be more applicable to my daily work.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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