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    Bill Kisich

    While loading software onto my new comp I realized my old Photoshop disc is missing. It’s a very old version anyway.

    There are so many versions now, any suggestions? Since I’m spending my own money, I’d like to buy a version that I can grow into, if you know what I mean. I haven’t stepped off into the 3D abyss yet, but I’d like to have the option of spending countless hours learning. It looks like this might be a good year to experiment anyway.

    Thanks in advance,
    Dinosaur Bill

    Vance W. Hall

    Your always best just getting the entire Creative Suite. This will allow you to cross pollenate in mixed media formats with better overall control on your projects. It will also allow you to have PLENTY of room to grow and, or update in the future. Good luck to you and push through to the 3D realm. I recommend the free trial of Sketch UP available online. It is a another great tool in the field.


    Vance Hall

    Ryland Fox

    CS4 is out so just go with that.


    if you want to save money get CS3 and upgrade later no life altering changes in CS4. Oh and I would second the recommendation on sketchup looooove that program

    Bill Kisich

    I hate open ended threads… Thankfully, I’ve been really busy. I decided to go with Vance’s advice (Thanks Vance), I bought the suite. I’ve barely had a chance to look at it yet. My wife said, “Oh no, another new program”. She knows me. ­čÖé Sketchup is next. ­čśë

    Thank everyone for the recommendations,

    Vance W. Hall

    Glad to hear it. Enjoy


    Joshua K

    30 day demo on adobe.com. The 3d import is really cool since you can drop in, rotate, and paint an model is a large number of formats. It wouldn’t make sense to save it as a model since you can’t edit the model from Photoshop, but I imagine there is a way to save your textures (the painting seems to work like Zbrush).

    PS CS4 Extended also has some really cool image capablities such as measuring, counting, and smart stretch/scaling (for example you can widen a landscape without stretching people that are in the image).

    the basic creative suites costs the same as 2-3 apps, so if you intend on branching out at all, it is worth the investment

    Andrew Spiering

    If you are still in the market to buy a photoshop suite, Studica has great deals for students, teachers, and schools. Check their prices out here

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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