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  • I think maybe what Hans is saying is, It’s really dead here in Phoenix, work wise.

  • Chris-
    I know exactly what mean. It would be almost impossible to be a true advocate for the client if you were being paid a sales commission from the contractor. The commission I was referring to is more like maybe a “finders fee”, if you will. I run across all sorts of projects and not all of them are appropriate for a designer. So I refer the…[Read more]

  • Chris-
    My advice:
    If you love design, find a couple of good contractors you can send work to on a regular basis. They will (or should) pay you a commission or referal fee for the work you refer to them. They will in turn send you work, some of which they will pay you for directly. Probably a little at first, then more as your relationship builds.…[Read more]

  • Charles, This is probably easier to deal with in Phoenix as most people don’t really expect anything to live here without water. Even natives. I don’t know how you can expect a plant that is used to regular and frequent irrigation at the grower, to suddenly become a plant that thrives with irregular and infrequent feeding.

  • Ya Charles, all the natives around here grow in balls and cubes. You never have to water them and they never grow past the 3′ dia. ball or cube. They even flower in colors that contrast well with the building they are planted next to. I love natives. They’re truely the answer to all your sustainable dreams. You just need more experience, buddy.

  • Ha ha ha. Thanks for the laugh, Nick. Later on, I’ll need to re-negotiate my rhizomatic deliverables. Or maybe think about posting something to my blog.

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    Does anyone here have experience with Leit solar controllers? Any issues with long wire runs, durability, etc?

    Thanks in advance

  • I hate open ended threads… Thankfully, I’ve been really busy. I decided to go with Vance’s advice (Thanks Vance), I bought the suite. I’ve barely had a chance to look at it yet. My wife said, “Oh no, another new program”. She knows me. 🙂 Sketchup is next. 😉

    Thank everyone for the recommendations,

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    Yeah, it looks like a great time saver. Although anything is faster then the way I do it, so I’m probably no the best person to judge. Are you asking if you should draw in the spaghetti and/or the poly? Too much detail is a waste IMO. The contractor won’t follow it anyway. The hatch patterns look fine. You’ve called out the emitter size for each…[Read more]

  • Here in the Phoenix metro area we are in USDA zone 9 and 10 I believe. Sunset zone 12 and 13. Few people here are familiar with Sunset zones except the nurseries. Most publish the USDA information only though.

    I have always had issues with the USDA listing. We share some of the same USDA zones with the Los Angeles – San Diego areas. However, m…[Read more]

  • Are you allowing yourself time to change gears? Sometimes I come in from the field or some sort of management meeting and no wy can I wrap my mind around any kind of creative work. I personally can not just move directly from one to the other. I have to coast for a bit or do something easy for a bit. Then I can get into it. Exercise is the best…[Read more]

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