How to Become a Landscape Architect and Start Innovating

The 'Landscape Architect-To-Be' Checklist.

Article by Frank Bourque We take a closer look at how to become a landscape architect and start innovating today. Want to become a landscape architect and start designing beautiful outdoor spaces? The whole world will pat your back. Landscape architecture is one of the fastest-growing types of architecture in the world and the real future of architecture. We see green spaces everywhere from roofs to terraces and even in remote areas. What is Landscape Architecture all About? In case you are interested in a career in landscape architecture, you should know that the industry is more than just creating private gardens for luxurious clients. The reality is actually quite different – the best landscape architects work on public areas and spaces. These may include parks, trails, sporting facilities etc. The design of the campuses for groups of buildings is, in fact, another common area of practice in landscape architecture.

Become a Landscape Architect and Start Innovating

So, how to become a landscape architect and start making our lives easier? Your first stop towards becoming a landscape designer or architect lies in the knowledge you need to gather. Therefore, you can enroll in a university or college landscape architecture program and start learning the basics. However, you should know that landscape architecture includes a lot of education that spans an array of subjects including ecology, botany, urban planning, urban theory, construction ethics, cultural resources and obviously, design. The work of landscape architects is meant to articulate a space in a better way, examine its potential and resolve the problem(s) it faces. The bottom line of landscape architecture is that it’s one of the most innovative ways to live in this complex and fast-changing world. Every landscape architect deserves a chance to see the best of his creativity and put it into practice. Looking for some inspiration? Check out the work of the Top Ten Names in Landscape Architecture Today. Each in their own way, they changed the world with their great environmental impact. So, are you up for making your move? If yes is your answer, you should read the following checklist – Top 10 Names In Landscape Architecture Today, and

Top 10 Names In Landscape Architecture Today. Read it HERE!

Top 10 Names In Landscape Architecture Today. Read it HERE!

The ‘Landscape Architect-To-Be‘ Checklist Landscape architecture is one of the best ways to ensure the prosperity of the natural environment and take a leap forward when it comes to innovating in existing living spaces. Here is a simple checklist that sums up all the steps you need to take in order to become a landscape architect.
The 'Landscape Architect-To-Be' Checklist.

The ‘Landscape Architect-To-Be’ Checklist.

1. The starting point of the checklist requires your interest as a must. Doing some basic background research on what it takes to become a landscape architect such as the I Want to Be a Landscape Architect YouTube video as well as taking a look at some existing designed landscapes or starting a discussion in some forum threads or Facebook groups can be of great importance. 2. Enroll in a landscape architecture program at university, college or private school 3. Understand the basics and develop the appropriate skills to visualize design 4. Learn the computer aided design (CAD) programs and aspects that help you understand landscape architecture (there are a lot of them offered for free) 5. Develop stellar analytic skills in order to identify and define the problem, examine the options and act on a plan 6. Develop sophisticated writing skills and learn how to communicate with the media through posts and letters 7. Develop great oral communication skills in order to ‘push’ the idea of landscape architecture in front of a bigger audience and help them understand its focus Starting your career as a landscape architect demands that you have an industry- accredited academic degree in your portfolio, so applying for that is a must. However, before doing so, you may want to check out the sub-niches of landscape architecture. The ASLA (American Society of Landscape Architects) page sums up the entire process of applying as well as its criteria. You can check it out by clicking on this link. Areas and Types of Landscape Architecture to Choose There are five main areas of landscape architecture all of which you can focus on when becoming a landscape architect. They include:

  • Landscape Design
  • Landscape Management
  • Landscape Science
  • Landscape Planning
  • Urban Design

While some of the best landscape architects excel when it comes to science and work with plants, others work in urban spaces, and others know how to manage the public space best. In reality, each of these areas of landscape architecture is as important as the industry itself.

Children play at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, GA. The park commemorates the 1996 Atlanta ; image credit: Sean Pavone /

Children play at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, GA. The park commemorates the 1996 Atlanta ; image credit: Sean Pavone /

Finally, the Best Thing About Landscape Architecture Starting a career in landscape architecture will make you think proactively and be a greater leader but also an avid follower of trends. It will eventually let you become successful. But is there one thing that landscape architects enjoy most? In other words, what is the best thing about you being a landscape architect? You make the people’s lives better and easier, which is why you have to be enthusiastic about every single project you see, but also knowledgeable and resourceful when it comes to managing the environment and society through the principles of landscape architecture. In the end, being a landscape architect is a profession that is booming. You can start with no experience at all and work with some of the best professionals in the industry. The landscape architect job is definitely among the best ones in the country, since it aims on reinventing and giving new functions to every public and private space.


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